Scientific applications

Scientific applications

This is the most suitable to write blog posts that cover research and scientific instruments. Of course we always talk of accomplishments by Maker, on a budget. Although, in some cases, touching topics of great science, and with good results.

To deepen these topics please consult also the site Physics Open Lab

  1. Marco says:

    I made the basic version (laptop) of your incredible tool (Theremino Spectrometer N.D.R.) and I am going now to realize the BenchTop version. Amazing really! I never thought I'd reach similar accuracy with a webcam and a small piece of DVD!

    I started from the instrument should have quite similar to yours, published and marketed by PublicLab, that actually has good performance, but is less versatile, customizable and that, unfortunately, is also more expensive in the realization.

    Are then “landfall” a colorimeter/photometer produced by IORodeo (USA), simple but nice in conception and realization, with a decent Kit software. Of course the colorimeter is different from the point of view of construction and performance. The IORodeo Colorimeter is a little’ expensive, always thinking in terms of philosophy “Maker”, But however well developed.

    Eventually I got to the Theremino System which I consider to be the best, Thanks to the excellent software. Better both as a system board that as spectrometer. The latter is qualitatively superior to others and has an excellent price/performance ratio.

    I attach two “shots” made with Theremino Spectrometer, This is the resumption of two sources side by side, an IR LED and CFL 925 NM nominal and resuming only IR LEDS.

    The calibration was made initially on two lines of the CFL 436 and 546 NM. In the picture with the two sources you can appreciate the ability to range from UV to IR in one shot!

  2. Dear Blog readers Theremino, I'm a ham radio operator and I write on behalf of the “Radiosismici Precursors” that was set up in our Associazione Radioamatori Italiani (ARI). Handling of course electromagnetic signals monitoring precursors, so-called “radiosismici”, We would be interested to know how we could adopt the system Theremino, aim of this usage. What costs we should estimate? It would also be very interesting to launch an input to the organizers and transmission system, in order to learn about their willingness to cooperate with our group ARI at this early stage of research. A friendly greeting and thanks ! Alfredo Gallerati (IK7JGI/ARI)

  3. Sorry Livio, What is your last name? Thank you !
    Cordial greetings
    Alfredo Gallerati

  4. Marco says:

    Good morning, I wanted to ask, about the DIY spectrophotometer, If using the DVD in reflection instead of transmission( that is, if the piece of DVD can work as reflective pattern) or if there are more problems than advantages. My question is why reflection spectrum seem far more “brilliant” compared to DVD and also to the sheet from 1000 lines/mm

    • Livio says:

      In our tests use patterns in reflection gave worse results. Probably there are some factors that I don't know and I can't explain. If you have doubt proof, Maybe you'll get better results of ours and if so please enter it here.

      A detail that we noticed and which we may not have explained in the documentation is that the lattice is good to keep it at a distance from the camera lens. So it takes a while’ black plastic tube, Maybe 5 or 10 mm taking outdistanced lens pattern. Usually the same lens hood lens should be enough but in some cases it may be useful to add some’ by mm black tube. Even this can't explain the reasons but I have checked several times that improves the graphics.

      It would also be good matting (with sandpaper) all black surfaces that can create reflections. And then also the inner surface of any tube spacer.

  5. Hi Livio, this is amazing work fratello! I was trying very hard to figure out how to install the theremino spectrometer. I was hoping you could help. I’ve tried using the information provided but I cannot figure it out. Was hoping you could help. I will be using your spectrometer software to help people with health issue for free.

    Grazie e ciao,

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