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Turn off updates to Windows10

This procedure completely disables Windows Update. The computer will not download updates and therefore over time you will use an operating system that is not updated. It remains possible to manually update the virus definitions of Defender.

Disable updates can be useful for those who use the computer for automation or to avoid problems during short periods, When there are errors in the updates and ’ anticipation that these errors will be corrected.

We do not recommend keeping Windows Update turned off for too long. We recommend that you turn it back on at least once every three months, maximum one year, and give him a night time to discard any accumulated updates.

Disable updates is easy, the following procedure seems long, but once you have learned the run in seconds.

1) Open the Task Manager (Task Manager) of Windows 10.
2) Open the tab “Services” (at the top right).
3) Click the blue writing “Open Services” (in the lower part of the window).
4) Make sure the list is in alphabetical order.
5) If unsorted click “Name” to bring up the triangle with the point at the top.
6) Scroll down the list of services until you find “Windows Update”.
7) Double click with the mouse on “Windows Update”.
8) Service Properties window opens “Windows Update”.
9) In the tab “General”, at line “Startup type”, Select the ’ option “Disabled”.
10) Confirm by clicking the button “Apply” (you have to press it, OK alone is not enough)
11) Close the window with “Ok”.

To reactivate “Windows Update” you do exactly the same thing but at row nine you choose “Manual”.

  1. Livio says:

    The application Buttons 2.0 has greatly improved.

  2. Livio says:

    We are spending a lot of time for:
    – Modules connected in WiFi and Internet (similar to the Master's but with less performance).
    – Possibility to use an Arduino in place of a Master (and then also read I2C sensors).
    – Characterization of fluorescent lamps and LEDs (amount of flicker in percentage).
    – Measure your stress (and more) through the variance and other parameters of heart rate.

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