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  1. etc says:

    Questa è la pagina delle novità per cui il commento sul Flicker Meter è stato mosso qui:
    This is the news page, so the Flicker Meter comment has been moved here:

  2. Livio says:

    We have updated several applications but are on the previous page.
    To see the previous page press “Older comments”.

    Summary of recent updates:

    Now the DAA is really complete, download it from here:

    The Arduino library has improved and instructions for installing it are more complete.

    Adding an image with the connections between "DustSensor" and the sensor SHARP.

    We have improved the Media Player application:

    Improved SlotViewer application:

    Posted on file "Theremino_NetModule_FirewallProblems" on the page of NetHAL:

    Updated SignalScope V 1.9

  3. Livio says:

    We have updated their application to version EmotionMeter 3.0

    Now is a very complete application.
    You get great performance with hardware that is easy to build.

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