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  1. Marcin says:

    Thank You for Your respond.
    Yes, I would to use Your solution.
    1. Proper power supply – dual polarity symmetrical power supply + /-12v correct?
    2. please help me calculate the three resistors of the divider to limit voltage of the output signal to 3,3V
    3. How to calculate proper resistor which need to be connected between the 12 volts?.

    Best Regards,

  2. Marcin says:

    Thank You for quick answer.
    Message is clear for me – google translator works well:)
    I would to use ADC24 module to get maximum resolution.

    > connect power supply +12(D) -12(And); GND -Power COM.(C) to my geophone
    > connect geophone to voltage divider
    velocity signal output(A) 12v -to V1,V2
    HOW signal. (B) – to V1,V2
    >connect voltage divider output ADC to Pin signal 1 of ADC24 module ;
    geophone signal COM. (B) – to Pin Ref. 1 of ADC24 module ;
    >connect ADC24 module to Master module acc. to ADC24 manual
    >All cables shielded.

    Please corect me if something is missing or misanderstooded.
    Thank You for help.
    Best Regards,

    • Livio says:

      – Connect power supply +12(D) -12(And) to geophone
      – Connect power supply GND to geophone GND
      – Connect geophone GND to GND (all triangular symbols)
      – Connect velocity-out to “INPUT” (resistor R1)
      – Connect 12 volt positive power supply to V2 (resistor R2)
      – Connect “ADC” out to one of the 16 Adc24 inputs
      – Connect Adc24 GND to GND (all triangular symbols)
      – Connect ADC24 module to Master module acc. to ADC24 manual

      Providing to position the resistors near to the Adc24 it is not necessary to use shielded cables.

      The only cable that needs to be shielded is the long cable that goes to the geophone (if it is long more that some meters). With a shialded cable the geophone cable could be long 100 meters and more.

      Remember that the 12 volt positive, connected to the resistor R2, must be stable and low noise.

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