Health and nutrition


To make good electronic projects, It should also treat the power. Not the voltage and current, but just the food, that is hyper-mega-important, to stay healthy and mind clear.

On this page we will publish recommendations on these topics.

Consumerist Western medicine

Classical medicine of our culture eliminates the symptoms and not the origins of the disease.

Imagine you have a circuit, with a resistor that heats. What does Western medicine? Cools with coolant spray. But the resistor continues to heat up and you can't heal it, then all that remains is to operate. That is, cut off the resistor with the Clippers. If an electronic technician acted so, would be considered a moron.

Holistic medicine

Holistic medicine observes the whole organism (“orLos” in Greek means "all") for causes of symptoms and eliminate them. Returning all ’ example of the resistor that heats, a holistic practitioner would act so:

  • Would lower the supply voltage, to avoid the risk of burning the resistor (fasting period)
  • He would consult the wiring diagram, to search for the cause, that is definitely not in the resistor, but at some other point in the circuit.
  • Found the cause the just clean up with the proper remedies.

So would a good technician and so would behave even our medicine, If it were not conditioned by “System”, He has only one thing in mind: the profit.

What to do in case of illness

In holistic medicine the patient should contribute to your diagnosis, become a doctor himself, Learn to know each other and get in touch with your symptoms. The symptoms are warning signs, clues to identify issues, that must be respected and observed. If there is a fever you should not delete it with a pill, but you have to let her act and to assure that the causes.

Fortunately finding the cause is almost always very easy. In the vast majority of cases are always the same: poor diet and too much power.

For which, When you are really bad, the first thing to do is fast a little ’. The first few days just water and afterwards only vegetables, vegetable broths and a few other foods, making sure that they are fine and do not contain sugar, yeast and synthetics.

Then: no meat, sugar, dairy products, flours, bread, sweets, margarine, caffeine, alcohol, tobacco and junk food. To find out what are the foods to reduce or eliminate, see the lists at the bottom of this page.

The rational basesAnimal FAT and Cancer

Is fasting, which foods to eliminate, have a rational basis and many studies demonstrate the effectiveness. The food has great influence on health and can both cause, that prevent disease. This is now proven and accepted by all.

This document shows that even the most serious diseases, like cancer, are heavily dependent on power supply: Power-and-Diseases

To deepen these topics just search the internet “Holistic medicine” and “Alkalizing diet”. Don't be surprised if the official medicine talks about bad. From his point of view, biased and influenced by the profit, He can't even understand what we are talking about.

A first reading (for Italians) may be these sites:

My personal experience

I am Livy Cicada, I take care of this site and I have been collaborating to electronic design and software of the system Theremino. Usually I don't speak in first person, because the merits aren't mine, but by all employees. But now, with my signature and with tales of my experience, I want to validate these pages, that might save someone from the dullness of the official medicine.

But I will not long, my experience was this: In the past years, due to the food, too and wrong, hemorrhoids grew from year to year. Now my fate was sealed and soon I would have to go through surgery. I read a little’ and I found that many, After the operation, they were even worse than before, with very unpleasant side effects.

The official medicine not offered me nothing but synthetic pills and medicines, She herself referred to as “not decisive”. And no hope of healing without the ’ operation.

Then, Luckily, I stumbled on the site

At first I was just about to close it and consider it “the usual diet”. But I was intrigued by a few sentences. I started reading more carefully, and the more I read, the more my intuition told me that c was ’ some truth in those words.

I read a little’ around, to verify that it wasn't a rip off, and finally i sent 27 Euro, they are deserved! Indeed this method deserves even more and I would have definitely donated 50 Euro, If there had been the vignette “Donation”.

Then, in the days that followed, I followed the instructions by Antonio Angelini (creator of the method and investigator in person). I had a lot of time, bedridden for at least a week, and I had little to lose.

Surprisingly in addition to the method, I also found a friend to write asking for advice (an example of these councils is collected in the file: Advice from Antonio Angelini)

My personal experience – Results

The cure had a rapid effect. In a few days I was well enough to get up and now, After about two weeks, I am fine as I wasn't from vent ’ years. Not only hemorrhoids fell (so in the eye of the 50%), but my overall health has improved and I feel a feeling of energy and well-being.

To confirm, I just did a proctological examination and the doctor wrote that are “on the mend”. What is certain is that I won't have to make the ’ operation.

There is nothing magical about ’ in all this, the bulk of the improvement is due to the initial fasting, the rest from ’ have eliminated dairy products, sugars etc.

Having regard to the results, now I'm perfecting the food and I follow all the advice from Antonio. I cleared the kitchen cabinets from foods that are not allowed. I bought on eBay all kinds of strange things, as the ’ coconut oil (yummy) and Goji berries. Daily drink lots of water and eat a lot of vegetables, eat Chia seeds and not step out of a millimeter on harmful food.

I am now certain that this kind of diet has a beneficial effect on the whole body ’, not only about hemorrhoids. I feel so obvious and I have also gone belly.

The lists of foods

All ’ onset is difficult to navigate. Are there foods to eliminate, those to be added and many strange names, like Goji and Chia. Just remember what needs to be done (eat, cook or drink) It is quite difficult. And then there are the not to exceed amount and other information for each substance.

Over time it learns and becomes quite natural. But to facilitate the initial period I found useful sort alphabetically foods, substances and medicines, in some files:

  • Liste-alimenti.pdf, need to remember which foods reduce or eliminate.
  • Liste-per-la-spesa.pdf, contains only food benefits and serves as a reminder to the expense. To print and write in pen, with helpful notes for purchases.
  • Preparations, contains recommendations for some little-known substances.
  • Hemoglobin, If you eliminate or reduce the flesh is good to learn what foods contain iron.
  • Sore nipples and Constipation, might be useful in some cases.
  • Lose weight, in the world “civilized” almost everyone we should lose weight. This file can be useful in order to succeed.

Until I did some’ to order with these lists, I have been unable to implement the method. Strange names to remember too many, and the signs were scattered in various files and in the site. So my first step was just delete and fast. Then, and only with the help of lists ’, I was unable to buy, and include in the power, even the strangest substances.

These lists not are method Angelini, contain only abbreviations and signs summary, collected here is on the Internet. So it is should buy the method, It's worth all of his 27 euro and more.

Full details are on the site: (Open the pages that you access with the top MENU)

System Theremino everything is Open, knowledge is the heritage of all living beings and the Copyright must be eliminated. Then we also publish original lists, ODT and DOC formats, in This ZIP file

Updates of the 2021

Flour (also integral) it is an industrial food that no longer contains anything useful. You could not eat flour and derivatives (farina, pasta, pizza etc ..) if there was no industry.

Flour is like sand, it has been deprived of the germ and all the useful substances so that it can be kept for years in the silos. It is transported in the holds of ships and in the dirty bodies of trucks. So it contains paint and metal residues, and the law does not prescribe controls for the presence of such substances!

Flour contains only carbohydrates which are ultimately sugar. Its only advantage is that it costs very little and therefore enriches those who work and sell it.

So it would be good to reduce it to zero and take energy from fat. It is not true that they are the ones who do wrong, quite the opposite.

Read this page carefully:

And especially look at the graphs of what happened when fat consumption decreased and carbohydrate consumption increased.

  1. Biomedicine says:

    Brain Software with Theremino (Programs and brain relays with Theremino)

    The magnetic field of the heart could measure a 50 cm. But the magnetic field of the brain do A few inches we could measure it? MEG: MagnetoEncefaloGrama

    And if we can measure the magnetic field of a “Active brain relay” that is generating the alteration of an organ (which we call disease commonly), We can generate a signal to neutralize or counteract the brain relay active and that the organ is restored (sane)?
    — You could do a MEG of Theremino research?
    — Do we need to have Hall sensors?

    TAC: Computerized Axial Tomography
    With a TAC “without contrast” We can see these images of a brain relay active and issuing.
    — Do so would see that emits electromagnetic emissions and magnetic fields in the brain?
    — Is there wifi-brain? or bluetooth brain?


    – THE ENDODERM: It is an embryonic layer that is controlled by the brain stem.
    – Mouth (Submucosa oral and palate): Right side: Not being able to swallow or catch a snack (in real or imaginary sense). Left side: Not be able to delete or spit the mouthful.
    – Naso-pharynx: Right side: Not be able to catch the prey. Left side: Not to get rid of the dam.
    – Tonsils: Right side: Not to swallow the prey. Left side: Not be able to spit the dam.
    – Heard half (Hearing tuba): Right ear: Not be able to catch / receive auditory snack; losing an important piece of information. Left ear: Not be able to get rid of one auditory morsel; Unable to get rid of a piece of information or noise.
    – Lacrimal glands: Right side: Not be able to catch the prey ("visual bite") because did not "keep your eyes open" at the right time. Left side: Not to get rid of the 'visual bite".
    – Thyroid gland: Right side: not be fast enough to catch or obtain "snack". Left side: not be fast enough to get rid of the "bite".
    – Esophagus (lower third): Not to swallow the prey. It is often a House, a car, etc. you want to acquire and suddenly can not.
    – Lung alveoli: Fear of death. Frequently by the impact of the diagnosis or prognosis. Example: "You have cancer, will not come to Christmas".
    – Stomach (greater curvature): "I can not digest it". Family contrariety.
    – Liver: "Die of hunger", existential conflict; Conflict of not being able to feed or feed to those of who we are responsible for.
    – Pancreas: Fear and disappointment family "fights for the dam", inheritance conflicts.
    – Small intestine (duodenum, jejunum, ileum): "Snack" unpalatable"; Not to digest the prey, "indigestible contrariety", She is also frequently with conflict from starving.
    – Cecum and Appendix: Conflict of "dirt" indigestible (EJ. A child witnessing a terrible scene of violence between their parents).
    – Large intestine (colon): Indigestible contrariety, "typically", slaughter, "crap", (EJ. Someone is unjustly accused of deceiving an insurance company)
    – Bladder (submucosa, vesical polyp): Suffer a marranada
    – Endometrium (Uterine body): to) Conflict with sexual connotations, unpleasant, -, little eco-, usually with male person. B) Loss, mostly of grandmother/grandson relationship
    – Fallopian tubes (Fallopian tubes): Semi-genital hateful conflict, usually with male person.
    – Prostate: Hateful genital conflict.
    – Collecting tubules of the kidney: Existential conflict, "refugee conflict", "and after a bombardment", "feeling in the world" "hospitalization conflict", "feel abandoned".

    Relays of the brain stem:

    – Chorion of the skin (DermIS) (inner skin): A) Real attack against the skin, including those caused by lightning ultra violet (UV), freezing, etc.
    B) Verbal attack or figurative attack, overused.
    C) Feel disfigured, for example in a breast amputation, If the woman feels disfigured in the operation room; feel ugly in a specific part of the body, for example after an operation.
    D) Feel dirty, as when the skin gets in contact with something that we interpreted unpleasant, filthy, repellent or disgusting, for example vomit, stools, etc.
    And) When is our integrity attacked suddenly, for example being accused of something unjustifiably.

    – Pleura (tissue that lines the chest ribs, and lungs): Attack of the pleura / chest
    – Peritoneum (tissue that lines the abdominal cavity): Attack on the abdomen
    – Pericardium (tissue that lines the heart): The heart attack.
    – Mammary glands: Conflict of preocupacion-pelea mother/son or partner preocupacion-pelea conflict. Mammary glands cancer always has to do with what women regard their nest (your home, his family, their children, your partner, your pet, your workplace). The conflict is experienced as a concern or discussion inside or on the nest.

    Relays of the cerebellum:


    The exact location of the symptoms is determined by the exact nature of the conflict of self-depreciation (CAD):

    – Skull and cervical spine: Intellectual CAD, any insult against our intellect (ideas, way of thinking, opinion) You can shoot this conflict.
    – Area of the orbit: Local CAD, e.g.. "your eyes seem to be those of a monster".
    – Maxillary: CAD for not being able to bite.
    – Shoulder and humeral head: Concerning the loss of self-respect CAD, fail in a relationship and blame (e.g.. "I failed as a couple").
    – Elbow: CAD for not being able to retain someone.
    – Doll, hand and fingers: conflict of skill or clumsiness (e.g.. failure to carry out a manual task).
    – Sternum: CAD because something isn't right in the chest. For example, the doctor check an EKG and said: "something does not go well in your heart".
    – Ribs: Local CAD, For example, After an amputation of the breast ("There not I am worth nothing").
    – Thoracic spine: "Centralized CAD", When we feel devalued as a whole.
    – Lumbar/sacral spine: do not feel supported or not supporting our partner, friends, colleagues, Chief, etc.
    – Pelvic and pubic bone: is affected with sexual CAD; feel devalued below the waist.
    – Ischium: CAD for being unable to have or possess something.
    – Neck of the femur and hip joint: is affected when it is unable to withstand, support or more to handle a situation.
    – Knee: CAD of physical performance (e. g. in sports or physical activity).
    – Ankle and toes foot: When affected by a CAD for not being able to walk, run, dance, swing, scroll, etc.
    – Bones: Severe self-devaluation conflict (See location, above.)
    – Muscles: Self-devaluation conflict. (See location, above.)
    – Lymph nodes (nodes): Moderate self-devaluation conflict. (See location, above.)
    – Cartilage: Moderate self-devaluation conflict. (See location, above.)
    – Tendons: Slight self-devaluation conflict. (See location, above.)
    – Connective tissue: Slight self-devaluation conflict. (See location, above.)
    – Arteries and veins: Slight self-devaluation conflict. (See location, above.)
    – Adipose tissue: Slight self-devaluation conflict. (See location, above.)
    – Spleen: Associated with the blood self-depreciation. (EJ.: Ineptitude in combat because of a large bleeding wound, conflict of bleeding, wound, blood transfusion or blood cancer diagnosis.)
    – Adrenal cortex: Have been deviated from the road, go in the wrong direction, having made a bad decision.
    – Renal parenchyma: Conflict of water or liquid (EJ. Drowning, unexpected stress where the water or the liquid element is involved)
    – Ovaries and testes: Conflict of loss deep due to the death or abandonment of the beloved.
    – Dentin (the tooth bone): Not being able to bite because they are at a disadvantage.
    – Myocardial: to) not being able to carry sufficient amount of blood (through peristalsis) b) Be completely overwhelmed; unexpected negative stress overload; "this is too much!"The conflict is always in relation to mother, son or partner.
    – Relés de la “Substancia Blanca”:


    Corteza cerebral:

    • Livio says:

      I write in Italian because in Spanish I couldn't do better than the automatic translator.

      This message contains interesting ideas but I realized only in part and failed to isolate the essential part and any questions. I cannot therefore give a feedback or tips on how to implement these ideas with our system.

      Could you please summarize the essentials in a few lines, written with few words, Maybe in English?

    • Livio says:

      I write in Italian because in Spanish I couldn't do better than the automatic translator.

      I did my best to rearrange the message but this editor is good only for short messages.

      Please begin with a question. To read there will always be time with subsequent messages.

      • Biomedicine says:

        Gracias Livio,

        Thanks to the electro-medicine will have been able to discover scientifically (ago already 35 years and thousands of cases already treated) more about the brain software and its electromagnetic relays.


        Summary questions would be the following:


        1º) Could a detector of these electromagnetic fields do with a theremino? (to find out if it is FA activated or deactivated FPCL)

        to – Would it on the one hand, a detector of electromagnetic field? (with a single sensor, in the form of detector probe; or using several sensors to form a kind of helmet)

        b – And on the other, the broadcast of that brain relay frequency detector? (because an image form in concentric circles, in the cerebral CT without contrast, significaría que hay una emisión de una frecuencia wave, Cómo si se may una piedra al agua ¿no?)

        Para la Corrección->

        2º) ¿Se podría crear with a Theremino, a emisor de la frecuencia cerebral relay, Pero reversed, para que contrarreste, suavice or relay the activación cerebral Curi, y con ello los de cope “La enfermedad”?


        Thanks Livio,

        Thanks to Electromedicina were discovered scientifically (and about 35 years ago and already dealt with thousands of cases) Additional information to the brain and its electromagnetic relays sofware.

        The questions of synthesis are as follows:

        For detection->

        1) It could do with a Theremino detector these electromagnetic fields? (To find out whether to enable or disable FPCL AGO)

        to – Would one side, a detector of electromagnetic field? (With a sensor, as sensing probe, or by using various sensors to form a kind of shell)

        b – And on the other, a detector of the emission frequency of the brain relays? (Because a picture formed in concentric circles, in CT Brain without contrast, means that there is an emission frequency of a wave, as if a stone throw themselves into the water right?)

        Correction to->

        2to) could be created with Theremino, a relay transmission frequency brain, but reversed, so which contrasts, smooth or clear the brain relay, and then the symptoms of “disease”?

        • Livio says:

          With a machine that can read selective microscopic magnetic fields so as to identify small areas could be certainly great things.

          If we could send powerful magnetic fields in these same areas could be useful experiments and perhaps even discover new cures.

          Unfortunately the system Theremino might just be the last link in this machine, connection is via the PC. While all the parts that really matter should be done with infinitely more complex and expensive than we can build or imagine (detectors “squid ” quantum states cooled with liquid nitrogen).

          So I'm sorry, I think this design is beyond our means.

          A machine that can read such as selectively microscopic magnetic fields to detect small areas, Surely I could do great things.

          If I could send powerful magnetic fields in these same areas, could do useful experiments and perhaps even discover new treatments.

          Unfortunately, the Theremino system could only be the last link in this machine, only the connection to the PC. Although all the really important parts should be made infinitely more complex and expensive equipment that we construct or imagine (Quantum detectors “squid” cooled with liquid nitrogen).

          So sorry, I believe that this type of design is on top of our possibilities.

  2. Biomedicine says:

    Another question Livio:

    Is there any application with Theremino to create a Zapper anti-parasitic or pathogens?

    Explanation: It would be a variable or programmable generator frequencies and different wave forms for application to the skin, through metal or adhesive electrodes, and destroy harmful microorganisms.

    Also could serve with a timer and a conductivimetro system for making colloidal silver.

    Thank you.

    • Livio says:

      The Theremino system provides only the connection with PC.

      The sensors, the actuators and the route of Administration must be first designed and then their effectiveness should be tested, out of many people, with studies that take years and are extremely expensive.

      Only after, long after… Theremino the system could use them. I'm sorry but the system Theremino is not a magical object that can create sensors and technologies from scratch.

      • Biomedicine says:

        Livio Gracias por tu respuesta,

        Only quería comentarte que los descubrimientos sobre “Cómo las frecuencias influyen en nuestra salud y en los microorganismos patógenos” son antiguos y hay mucha documentación y experiencias clínicas al respecto.

        For example: El Dr. Beck y la Dra. Clarck hace muchos años que lo establecieron unas tablas y donde se relacionan especially los patógenos y las frecuencis con las que mueren.

        Quizás el Theremino se podría servir Wave Generator pudiera modificar el positive offset, y una amplitud de 5Vdc.

        Gracias de nuevo…
        seguiremos “investigating para el bien común” :)

        • Livio says:

          I'm sorry but I am not convinced that these devices actually work. In my opinion the only result you can have is to get money for whoever sells them.

          All the links that I followed are nothing more than advertisements for appliances. Lacking scientific studies confirming the validity. Studies to be valid cannot be made by who designed them, designed and sells them, but the scientific community in accredited journals. And must be carried out by competent researchers and specialists in the field are unrelated to companies that advertise these systems.

          • Biomedicine says:

            Thank you for your web page!, Thank you for all your contributions and expertise!, Thank you for all the efforts!, Thank you for the time that you empleáis in maintaining it!…

            Grazie per il tuo sito!, Grazie per tutti i vostri contributi e see!, Grazie per tutti gli English!, Grazie per il tempo che dedichi to have it! …

            Thank you for your website !, Thank you for all your contributions and knowledge !, Thanks for all the efforts !, Thanks for the time you dedicate in keeping it! …

            • Livio says:

              Thank you for the compliments, and I apologize for being a little hasty '. I hope that I will understand. In this period we have a mountain of things to do.

              TI ringrazio per i complimenti e mi scuso di essere stato un pò’ frettoloso. Spero che orrendo capirmi. In questo è period an montagna di cose da fare.

  3. Claudio says:

    Only and right way of cure lies in proper nutrition natural, nothing current confidence towards electronic equipment as above linked in Spanish. Then if in time testing and research will lead to valid results you will see. Anyway I think we should re learn how to eat right sense because currently consumerism and a whole set of systems they brought in directions deviations and more generally towards problems, where the first real disease is in ignorance and the rest a logical consequence. Reprogramming in way to power (food) , just correct and good = essential and genuine.

    • Livio says:

      I would like to add a detail that I have focused on in recent years.
      The biggest and most evil flaw in how we have been taught to eat is flour.

      Flour is an industrial product, if there were no combines, silos and herbicides none of us would be able to manually harvest wheat and eat more than a few grains.

      Furthermore, flour is a dead food, it has been in silos for over five years and has lost all vitamins and micronutrients. But worse still, it has collected molds of all kinds, pieces of rust, paints, lead, tungsten and other miscellaneous crap.

      Often the trucks and the holds of the ships that transport it are also used to transport poisonous and carcinogenic substances and there is no control, watch this video:

      Because then we are told that the famous “Mediterranean diet” it is beneficial? Because they push us to eat tons of flour, bread dough, biscotti, pizza, rusks, toast, panini, big mac, etc..

      Because flour is cheap to producers, it causes addiction and addiction and makes them earn a lot!!!

      So our diet is made up of 70 percent flour, for the 20% from sugar (he too costs nothing and makes a lot), and only the last 10% from beneficial foods. And it is natural and perfectly logical that we get all kinds of strange diseases and that we cannot maintain a healthy weight.

      In conclusion, eating well is easy, just eliminate all the substances that we would not be able to eat if there were no industrial production. Mainly flour, sugar and all their derivatives.

      And when you try to do that, it turns out that almost everything we normally eat is made up of flour and sugar!!!

      Flour and sugar are like sand, they cost little or nothing to producers who earn extra money on our skin and our suffering. And if we get sick it's even better, so they sell us more medicines!!!

      • Claudio says:

        I completely agree, Thank you 1000

        • Livio says:

          It is also interesting to know how flour has changed in the last hundred years, and what damage to health it is doing:

          And that nobody thinks “I buy wholemeal bread and solve everything”. If you listen to the video thoroughly you will find that the “whole grain bread” does not exist. It is however produced with industrial flour, first bleached and then with the addition of fiber. All the rest is missing!!!

          The substances that would make the flour healthy are missing, but perishable. They are ALWAYS eliminated otherwise they could not trade flour. It would mold before he could transport and sell it.

          So don't trust those who sell you bread “whole wheat”, it is always produced with bleached flour and then added. You could only trust yourself by following all the way from wheat to bread in person, which is obviously impossible to achieve.

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