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  1. Livio says:

    All applications of the system will have new icons, letters to distinguish them.
    To see the text of the icons at the bottom bar of Windows, you must create links to applications, on the desktop.

    The following applications have new icons:
    HAL, ArduHAL, NetHAL, netmoduleprogramm ear slotview

    Download them from here:

    Soon it will also be ready IotModule and IotHAL, here are some advances:

  2. Scott Watrous says:

    I just learned about this website while watching a DIY light spectrometer and i thought it was really outstanding!!! I have built the spectrometer and have a couple webcams that i am using in the build. When all assembled i see wonderful spectra from the webcam feed into my computer but i am not able to get the spectra to display in the spectrometer software. I read that it may be due to the type of driver the camera uses. I have been looking around for a used camera but i dont want to buy something that isnt going to work. I am hoping you could suggest a webcamera that i could find in the US that is known to work with your software. I am assuming that if the camera is on and displaying a nice spectra to the computer i just start the spectroscopy program and it should find the video feed from the camera. I have entered the camera model, resolution, and frame rate into the theremino program. THis is such an impressive looking spectrometer i am really interested in getting it working!!! Thank you!

    • Livio says:

      It should work with almost any USB webcam.
      Is your webcam a normal USB webcam?

      What happens after selecting the camera model, resolution, and frame rate into the theremino program?

      Try with another webacam, almost any USB webcam should work.
      If not you have another problem.
      Try with another PC.
      Try changing the webcam driver and selecting the “basic” microsoft driver.
      Do non install the webcam driver from the CD (they are always bad drivers, the microsoft driver works always but the CD drivers sometimes have errors)

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