Identificazione degli isotopi e XRF 

Scrivete qui commenti e nuove idee su questa caratteristica avanzata.

  1. happynewgeiger says:

    TOMY ! Please reduce the minimum energy tolerance!! +-10 kev is a a large window that include too many isotopes
    Have fun!

    • Tomy 9A5TOM says:

      Hi Happy,

      In new verison main unit is eV so it’ll be possible to put 1 eV (+/-) with 2 eV peak range.
      In older versions in IdentSettings file was posibillity to put value from 0.01 keV (10 eV) round on two decimal places.

      Thanks for feedback!

  2. Tomy 9A5TOM says:

    Hi all,

    In new version of Theremino ident feature all you need to set tolerances and atomic shells for XRF.

    Have fun!

  3. Antonio says:

    Seems very promising !
    Ansious to test.

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