Where to get documentation

The system documentation is distributed in the pages of this website. Publications (in PDF format), are included in individual project downloads. In this way the documentation is always aligned with new versions of the software.

Many of documentation files, OpenOffice format, in three languages (English, Japanese and Italian) are available for free download, from various pages on this site, You can fix them, upgrade them and create new ones. If anything is missing, ask in the blog.

To find documentation and information on specific topics we recommend using the “Search”, available on every page of the site (at the top left)


Here are the top lessons of’ Theremino Handbook explaining how to do the first connections and that in the future will continue until more complex operations such as write handling in Theremino_Script and in other languages such as C++, C #, VBNET, Python.

Theremino_Handbook_Lessons_1 -2
In these first two lessons demonstrates the form “Master” the program “HAL” and we learn how to verify that everything is working by switching on a LED and moving a servo motor.


Documentation for an intercom

interphone Excelvan interphone Excelvan

We have rewritten the documentation Excelvan intercom for motorcyclists. It is an interesting device, which could be useful in many occasions. Its only flaw is that it has a horrible documentation, do not understand anything already in English and Italian is even worse.

This intercom is easily adaptable to motorcycle helmets, but also to work helmets or simply a headset to keep in head. It might be useful, for example,, for those flying in hang gliding or those who want to keep in touch while placing antennas, or during building construction work.

And’ quite cheap, well it built and has a very good audio. It runs up to distances beyond the kilometer (open field), and you can use up to six (but it comes only in pairs, not in conference with all six). The batteries last for eight hours (if you communicate all the time) or even several days (if you put it on hold when you should not talk). Then it can be recharged in two or three hours, with any USB port, or USB network adapter.



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