Cubo in Rubik

Solve the cube in an easy to remember way

There are quick ways to solve the cube, but learning them takes thousands of hours of practice.

On this page we will post an easy to remember method.

Even with this method it takes training, but if you succeed you will be among the few people who can solve the cube with memory alone.

Keep in mind that only two out of a hundred people have had the cube in their hand at least once (and they gave up immediately).

The 5% of these two people (therefore one in a thousand) worked on it for a while’ and he managed to make a fair face but no more.

The 4% of the above (then one on 25 000) looked at the solutions for the layered method on the internet and managed to solve it at least once.

So the people in the world who can solve the cube without reading and without a computer, but based on memory alone, they are a very small percentage.

With This link you can download a PDF we created, to keep close to the cube to use as a reminder during learning.

Our PDF is just a reminder, for the full explanation see this Videos on YouTube

For the original method we thank Vittorio del Canale VittoGoL

  1. Livio says:

    I recently bought a magnetic cube and can already solve it behind my back, making many gape.

    The magnetic cubes, unlike those for a few euros, they snap into place more easily and of course are also better in construction so they move smoothly and precisely.

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