The section “Inputs” lists the sensors can be connected to the pins of the system Theremino.

Sensors Simple sensors: Distance sensors, Capacitive keypads, Proximity sensors, Light sensors, Encoders, Potentiometers, Variable resistors, Liquid sensors, of moisture, PH and ORP, Accelerometers, Magnetic sensors, by “breath” and pressure, by alternating current, of voltage and current, of resistance and capacitance, of temperature, of color and adapters.
Piezoelectric Sensors Piezoelectric sensors: Piezo sensors, Adaptors for sensors. Put in the process sensors. Sensor settings.
Sharp_Sensors Distance sensors “Sharp”: Infrared sensors manufactured by “Sharp” to measure distances from 4 to 150 cm.
Light Sensors Light sensors: Of accuracy, with photodiodes, with fototransistors, digital sensors and photoresistors.
Accelerometers Accelerometers: Pre-assembled modules and chip to be welded.
Geological Sensors Geological sensors: Magnetometers, Geophones, Accelerometers and Geoelectrical data Surveys. Analysis of micro-earthquakes HVSR type with three orthogonal Geophones. Detection of distant earthquakes with Geophones and Strong Motion event with accelerometers.
Radioactivity_Sensors Sensors for Radioactivity: Sensors for ionizing radiation. Ion Chamber for Radon, Gamma Spectrometry, Photomultiplier tubes and PmtAdapter, Geiger tubes and GeigerAdapter.
Biometry_Sensors Sensors for Biometrics: Non-contact electrodes, for EEG, ECG and EMG.
Meteorology_Sensors Sensors for Meteorology: Wind speed sensors, of rainfall and other sensors for meteorology.
Dust Sensors Dust sensors: Dust sensors and spectrum analysis of dust particles.


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