Environmental protection

Copyright rules and respect for the environment

The Theremino-System-Team aims to keep free knowledge
and easily accessible to all, without registration and passwords
and to design respecting the environment.

Grazie a Doveconviene - CO2 Neutral

  • For pleasure, don't write books, and don't sell paid courses, on the Theremino-System (Notes 1 and 2)
  • Don't write reviews, and magazine articles, using the card (Note 1)
  • Do not use the information on this site, to sell books, newspaper or magazine articles (Note 3)
  • Collaborate with us, We will publish your work, so that it is always available, for free, for all. (Note 2)
  • Do not use the system Theremino for hunting, fishing, military applications, and exploitation of animals.
  • The modules of the system must be designed, with the minimum hardware. There is a direct relationship, between cost, and use of natural resources.
  • Do not use expensive components, There are always better options, just search for them (Note 4)
  • The forms must, as much as possible, be small, single sided, and use a few components. (Note 5)
  • Try moving everything possible, from hardware to the firmware, and from the firmware to the software.
  • The team system Theremino, reserves the right, to publicly discredit, products that do not follow, These rules of respect for the environment. (Note 6)
  • If you want to produce complicated forms, with Xilinx FPGAs from 3000$, and designed to kill whales, do it well, but don't call them “Theremino”.
(Note 1) Examples of publications do not write. The publications are made for “publish” who you, but for “hide them” and make profit.

Don't look for these publications, There are no!

(Note 2) The publications of the system theremino there are, but I'm not entrusted to publishers. Publications (in PDF), are attached to the projects, so that with each new version of software, are distributed also publications updated. Here are two sample files: Example1, Example2. Currently the documentation files completed, are more than 70, (in four languages: English, Japanese, Spanish and Italian) The original documents, in format OpenOffice, are available and everyone can contribute, with corrections and new documents.
(Note 3) Even though it is free magazines and paperless. The copied information, soon become outdated. Possibly write a review, with links to the original documentation. Some articles on system Theremino, they ended up in magazines that were free, but they now have to pay. Part of the information is outdated, and we cannot correct them and also used for profit. We don't want to repeat the experience! In other words: the information is all, so don't use them for profit.
(Note 4) Everyone is able to use expensive components, and making plates with 200 components. But to make the modules “thereminici” It takes a leap of genius in addition, and you have to work a little’ more, up to get the most, with little or no. Otherwise it is better to let it go, There are already so many mediocre electronic projects, It is not appropriate to add more.
(Note 5) Use few components does not diminish the reliability. With good design, almost all functions can be move, from hardware to the firmware, and from the firmware to the softwarand. Modules simple hardware, with few components and single-sided PCB, are more reliable. Unnecessarily crowded plates, Although nice to look at, not the best, but only the product of a poor design.
(Note 6) The name “Theremino” has no copyright. Anyone can produce system modules. The theremino-team reserves the right to judge, the module compatibility, with the system. Projects not compatible, unnecessarily complex, and not environmentally friendly, will be discredited, in “Non-compliant product list”.

Grazie a Doveconviene - CO2 Neutral

Modified products or incompatible

So far no one has tried to use the name Theremino for military purposes, for hunting or fishing, to the detriment of animals, for products that are not compatible or modified or for products that are not environmentally friendly, We hope to continue like this .

If you plan to make products we don't like, do not use the name Theremino. We have no legal power to stop it but we reserve the right to: “judging the technical aspect of the products” and, If necessary, by “discrediting them, in every possible way”.

If in doubt ask here: www.theremino.com/blog

Update of the 10 July 2016

Only products of thereminostore and the constructions of Alessio faithfully follow our projects. We will not give more support and updates for modified products. More info here: https://www.theremino.com/contacts/producers#marchio

Free thoughts

Japanese leave the whales!
Unnecessary call “scientific research”, No one believes.
The real words are: “kill to make money”.

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