Linux is simple, Windows is a mess!

For those who do not can he handle that's right. Among the other Mac just got easier, used MAC.

Information to migrate on MAC

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Of course we were just kidding, Mac is easy to use but very limited, to have the total freedom to do every possible caper, you have to use Windows. The following pages contain useful tips to optimize it.

Recommendations for Windows 10

First Council: as soon as possible to make the upgrade to Windows 10, is light, quick and easy to use. He still has some minor faults in unimportant areas, especially the lack of some configurations. Here we will list the solutions as we find.

Council 1 – Help! I can't get into Windows 10!

Unfortunately it can happen to remain cut off with no hope from your account.

If you are no longer able to enter because you do not remember your password (or does not work), go here: https://account.live.com/password/reset

This is the right page. Trying the various choices that the page has, in one way or another, You can get out of it. Other solutions found in the net did not work, even after many tests.

Council 2 – How to delete the password prompt at startup

Use a single account (and then a single password) It is strongly recommended by Microsoft to access under the same identity, whatever the device used.

If you use the account only then Windows 10 ask for a password each time you log on (total power off and turn on the device or disconnect and reconnect the user). You cannot delete this behavior under dangerous alterations of your Windows registry.

But, for simple people, There is a simple solution: transform your account into a local account and then don't enter any password. This way you can make sure you can always access, even if you are in a tent in the mountains, without internet and without notes to help you remember your password.

"All settings" / "Account" / "Your account"

"Log on using a local account" and enter your password
Leave these fields blank:
- New password
- Enter the password again
- Password hint
Click next, then click Finish and wait for the reconnection.

Council 2b – Further elimination of password prompt at startup

If the previous tip is not enough.

  • Open the box “Search”, down near “Start”
  • To write “netplwiz” and give ENTER, or RUN the command with the mouse.
  • In the Panel that opens uncheck in: “To use this computer requires the user to enter the name and password”

Council 3 Title bar too light

This is definitely the most annoying defect. The window title bar is made of white and it is hard to distinguish it from the background of the Windows themselves.

Download this ZIP file:

Unpack in a folder (that eventually we can also delete) and double click on the file: “ColoredWindowsTitles. theme”

Click with the right button on the screen and choose from the menu, the last entry below: “Customize”
In the vertical menu on the left choose “Colors” and choose a color, probably a grey. Possibly experiment with other options.
In the vertical menu on the left choose “Background” and select the image that we have provided in the ZIP file or other image to your preference.
In the vertical menu on the left choose “Themes” And then “Theme settings” that allows making additional plans in conjunction with the commands of the panels “Colors” and “Background”.

Colored windows tites for Windows 10

Doing a little’ of evidence eventually manages to get to a combination you like. Click on the image for a larger view and note that in addition to the borders and title clearly visible, even the buttons “Minimizes” and “Maximizes” are easier to locate.

In the zip you just downloaded there is also a small application with name “Windows10_ColorController”. This application allows you to accurately set the favorite color gradation, both the title bar of the Windows to the taskbar.

We recommend that you set two intermediate grays, Select the “Disable” and press “Apply”.

Also check in “Right mouse on screen/Customize/Colors” is turned on “View the color Start…”

Color of the text in the title bar
If you use light colors for the window title bar is better than the text is colored black. To change the colors you use “Regedit” and change the following keys:
HKEY_CURRENT_USERControl PanelColors
TitleText = 0 0 0
InactiveTitleText = 0 0 0

Council 4 – Recover lost options

Personalization Panel as on Windows 7
Also this is freeware, download it from here, unpack it and run “personalization10.exe”

Change the colors and many other options
For those who want to continue making changes there is a freeware application “WinaeroTweaker” that you download from here: http://winaero.com

All the utilities of the recommendations 3 and 4, collected in a single ZIP
Download this ZIP and unzip the Interior into a folder at will. All utilities included are portable and do not require installation:

Council 5 – Windows that don't open again where were closed

This fix cannot do manually you need to a program (free) called Shell Folder Fix. Download it from a secure site, for example this, or This.

Then set the options as shown on these images:

ShellFolderFix Settings ShellFolderFix Settings

Council 6 – Remove advertising from Skype

  • Press the button “Search” (the lens at the bottom left – next to the Start button)
  • Type the text: Internet Options
  • Please wait for the result “Internet Options” and open it
  • Go on board “Safety” and click “Restricted Sites”
  • Press the button “Sites” just below, as shown in figure:

Skype NoAds

  • Enter the text in the box: HTTPS://apps.skype.com
  • Press “add”, then “Close” and finally “Ok”, to exit the Internet Options

To also remove the empty space intended for advertising:

  • Press the button again “Search”
  • Type in the text box: %AppData%Skype

Skype NoAds

  • This opens a folder with subfolders.
  • Open that call as your Skype name.
  • To close completely Skype.
  • Open the file “config.xml” with notepad or any text editor.
  • Look for the line with this written: <AdvertPlaceholder>1</AdvertPlaceholder>
  • Replace 1 with 0. It must become: <AdvertPlaceholder>0</AdvertPlaceholder>
  • Save and close.

Council 7 – Tips for automatic updates and your privacy

We have prepared a PDF file with these explanations, download it from here:

Council 8 – Prevent the Windows stick on the edges of the screen

Open the “Control Panel”
Open the “Accessibility Center”
Open “Make the mouse easier to use”
Enable “Avoids auto arrange window….”

You can educate Windows, to be simple and stable as Linux, but it takes a different approach

  • With Linux everything is missing, and what's lacking should manually add.
  • On Windows there is everything and more, and you have to delete everything you don't need.

Here's how to proceed:

1) Uninstall wildly all unknown software (When in doubt look for their name on the WEB).

2) Uninstall all software that have icons in the clock (except those used, four or five at most). Set the lower bar so “Don't hide unused icons” and keep under control that they are born of new.

3) Uninstall all the software that are “Photo and music collections”.

4) Uninstall Adobe Reader and use the Browser to open the PDF (Adobe reader slow down your PC, even when not in use).

5) Uninstall Office, replace it with OpenOffice and disable its “Start Velocizzatore”.

6) Uninstall any Antivirus and Antispyware double and triple, remove all, only lose time.

7) Replace all antivirus with one: Microsoft Defender (or Security Essentials, on earlier operating systems). Only Microsoft really interest to remove the virus from Windows. Other antivirus vendors have an interest to keep them alive. And of course speak ill of Microsoft, but I don't believe them.

8) Use RainMeter to keep an eye on the CPU and easily open the TaskManager.

9) Start “System configuration” and disable wildly all “Services” not Microsoft (unless you know exactly what they are and he really wants to use them).

10) Start “Task Manager” and delete from “Boot” pretty much everything except the few apps that you are sure you want to use (such as Skype and RainMeter)

11) Install “Ad Block Plus” to eliminate advertising on the WEB (Attention that the address is right – Download it from here: HTTPS://adblockplus.org).

12) From here onwards, If you pay attention to what you install, the system stays clean forever.

We took these steps on all the computers that we use and friends. Don't be afraid, nothing ever happens. Optionally set a restore point before you begin. If you delete important stuff, Windows rebuilds just the serve. Or you can always re-install. If you follow the entire list the performance increase is quite remarkable. The first few times it takes some time, but more often you do it the easier.

Install AdBlockPlus !!!

Ad Block Plus

Very important, install it on all browsers!

  • WEB pages open faster, Why not load moving advertising panes.
  • L ’ page specific navigation becomes easier, why you surf without traps.

Install AdBlockPlus from here: HTTPS://adblockplus.org

ATTENTION: There are fake. The real AdBlockPlus is free and does not ask to register. Verify l ’ address “HTTPS://adblockplus.org” and that page is the same as the image above.

But is it right to remove ads ?

And’ fair to deprive these “poor things” of the few “Soldini” that they glean whatever with advertising?

Flit2First of all I'm not “Soldini”. For example the “poor thing” EHow brags about turnover almost one million euros in ’ last year, and it shows with the accounts of accountant. Santanu! And how does? Simple, impesta its pages advertising panes and you do pay for every click. It then makes one wonder where all this money…

The money circulating, EHow earns, advertisers gain, multinationals enrich, l ’ economy grows, everyone is happy and the money they create out of nothing… We should be happy, fair? No, wrong! THE MONEY NOT CREATED FROM NOTHING!

For every dollar that Abdulaziz you put in Pocket, is there anyone else that loses it and, given that advertisers do not produce anything, This money comes out of the pockets of those who produce, and the whole of mankind is impoverished by another penny.

Said with other words: Mercedes makes an advertising campaign, spend a million euros and manages to convince thousands of customers to buy its cars. Then Jaguar does a counter campaign, spend a million euros and fetches thousands of customers. Nothing has changed, nothing has been produced and the whole of humanity has become poorer than two million.

Or in other words still: If these people, instead of making the parasites, they had done productive work, the humanity would be enriched by two million. Instead nothing, many hours of useless man, all thrown in the toilet.

The center of evil lies in three words: Advertising – Economy – Crime.

They are parasites that don't produce anything and that they feed the work of others. The second and third parties are almost impossible to exterminate, but for advertising something we can do, Let's start from that.

AdBlockers List, some even better than AdBlockPlus

Software How Banner

On the site “SOFTWARE HOW” you can find a list with the best programs to eliminate advertising .

For each application a complete review is available which explains in detail their strengths and weaknesses, as well as whether it is free or paid software.

On the same site you will also find useful applications for every occasion. Reviews are well written and free from trade agreements with manufacturers.

Keep an eye on the work of the processor


This control is called RainMeter, has a name a little’ strange but is really top notch. Need to keep an eye on the CPU and other important parameters of the computer.

It remains positioned in the corner of the screen, and will not disrupt. Does not load the CPU, like other controls that are similar (guaranteed, does not consume anything) and just click SYSTEM to immediately open Task Manager (“Task Manager” in Italian).

Install on all computers, Once you get used to it you can no longer do without it. You can also customize it, Add other indicators, check temperatures, change colors…

The version prepared by us is very simple, you start by downloading this ZIP:

Then you unzip the ZIP to a folder, but that is not a system folder. Therefore not in “Programs”, “Program Files”, “Windows” or “System”, On the other hand, all user folders, for example all subfolders for documents, or better yet, create your own folder “C:”, for example, “C:\Livio” and put all your stuff in there.

Then you open the folder “Rainmeter” and launches “RainMeter.exe”. And finally, to make it run automatically each time, you put a Link to “RainMeter.exe” in one of the startup folders.

The startup folder, in common for all users, are here:
C:\ProgramDataMicrosoftWindowsStart MenuProgramsStartup

The others are here:
C:\UsersNome-UtenteAppDataRoamingMicrosoftWindowsStart MenuProgramsStartup

Or here:
C:\utentiNome-UtenteAppDataRoamingMicrosoftWindowsMenu automatic StartProgrammiEsecuzione

Unfortunately the ProgramData folder and AppData folders are hidden, why you should locate “show” at the top of the window, Open: “View / Hide” and check the box “Hidden items”.

The latest versions of Rainmeter, as well as instructions on how to modify and extend it to taste, I'm here:

So afraid for the “disappearance” Windows XP

Microsoft is pushing to unify all about Windows 10, but no worries, XP won't disappear altogether. Many are still using it and there are computers on which you cannot install the latest operating systems (because their processor has the PAE, “Physical Address Hair Extensions Cost”).

Then XP will continue to operate and the antivirus (with corrections to next chapter) will continue to update.

If possible place above a Windows7. Just get a copy of Installer and a code taken from a notebook. Microsoft grants using the same operating system on all personal notebook and PC, but do not use other codes. Microsoft has never made too many stories on this, What I don't owe her tap is Office (and that is why it should be replaced with OpenOffice).

Bring back the Green Microsoft Security Essentials on XP

On some computers, especially older you can't install Windows 10. In these cases, you can continue to use Microsoft Security.

The latest versions of Microsoft Security for XP are here: Blogs/Security # msexp

Problems with “Online Doc Translator”

We found problems with this online translator, under Windows 7 and browsing with Firefox. This is particularly because Firefox, for safety reasons, turn support for Java applets running Default (used by the translator in question).

Therefore, please take the following steps:

1) Possibly remove all older versions of Java, in order to reinstall only the last (currently this is the version 7, Update 60). To do this, invoke Control Panel/DisinstallaOModificaProgramma and remove all Java.

2) Then install the latest Java with the manual process off-line from the http address://www.java.com/it/download/manual.jsp .. Download the installer about 28 MB and save it on your Hard Disk.

3) Launch the installer (possibly with Numbnutzz/EseguiComeAmministratore and, If you have problems to install it, disconnect from the Internet and block the virus checking).

4) Launch Firefox, Select the last button in the top right (ApriMenu) and choose Add-ins.

5) Select left "Plugin"

6) Locate the line "Java (TM) Platform SE 7 U60″ and not the line “Java Deployment Toolkit” and choose "activate".

7) Open the translator's page http://www.onlinedoctranslator.com/translator.html and wait for the loading of Java applets (If you will ask for a further activation, Optionally tick the Checkbox "do not ask for more").

8) You should now be able to use the translator. If you experience strange behavior or additional reports of locking the application in Java, ignore them or do a Reboot to see if they disappear.

9) Remove the “always enable” in the "Java (TM) Platform SE 7 U60″

10) Reopen the Web page translator http://www.onlinedoctranslator.com/translator.html that should bring up a line at the top and choose “enable always”

Keep an eye on the importance of websites

Alexa Rank

Alexa Traffic Rank (website popularity index)

  • 1 = Maximum popularity (usually Google.com)
  • Many billions = The least visited site that exists in the world

The index is calculated, based on the number of visits and the number of pages visited, in the last three months. The value of Rank is calculated roughly, and it's only reliable for popular sites (rank less than million, or better, less than 100,000).

In just two years, the system Theremino has earned, over ten million positions. In December 2014 He joined the first 500 thousand sites, most popular in the world.

The two following images, compare the popularity of the system Theremino, with similar systems. For Italy We did the comparison, only with Open Source Electronics and Arduino, because we did not find other systems, dealing with Open Source electronics (and who have relevant data, in Italian charts).

We help make for more reliable statistics Alexa

Alexa recalculates every day a huge list of sites and provides free of charge to all. To consult it use this link: www.alexa.com

There are tricks to go up in the Alexa rank (pay sites that provide fake traffic). We cater to those who use them, don't do it! First, it is unfair and then, just imagine, where forwards Alexa, just realize it!

Instead a practice must encourage is install the Alexa Extension, on as many computers as possible. We help make for more reliable statistics Alexa!!!

The Alexa Extension is small and non-invasive, view the popularity of sites, with a small indicator and does not slow down navigation. With three clicks, add it to the browser: http://www.alexa.com/toolbar

Tarantula Web (second indicator of popularity after Alexa)

Web Tarantula is less known by Alexa. Its importance lies in the fact, that only got him and Alexa (in the past there was also Technorati, but no longer works).

According To WebTarantula, Theremino is higher, in the world rankings, compared to Alexa Rank – among the first 120 thousand sites in February 2015.

Google PageRank (index of importance, individual pages, websites)

  • 9 = highest importance (usually Google.com and few other sites)
  • 0 = low importance

The index is calculated based on the number of links, pointing to the site, and the importance of the sites, that host these links. The site Theremino has gained a point, in the last year, and now has a Page Rank = 3 (November 2014)

The Page Rank is designed to operate well Google searches, not as an indicator of the popularity of the sites. Why suffer from many restrictions, first of all, it has only nine positions. It is therefore not possible to use it to build charts.

  1. Apple customer Support says:

    Pochi riescono a passare i nostri filtri anti-spam. Ma questo “Apple Customer Support” ci manda un messaggio almeno una volta alla settimana. Sono messaggi ingannevoli, sembrano scritti di un utente, ma sono puro marketing. E ogni volta dobbiamo perdere tempo per eliminare il testo del messaggio, il loro indirizzo di mail e il link al loro sito.

    Vogliono che si parli di loro?
    OK, parliamone.

    1) La aggressività del marketing di Apple è veramente fastidiosa.
    2) I computer Apple sono costosi e lenti. L’unico loro vantaggio è che c’è il simbolo della mela.
    3) Hanno prodotto alcuni dei sistemi operativi più bacati di tutta la storia della informatica.
    4) Sono sistemi facili da usare, ma in cambio fai solo quello che vogliono loro. E lo paghi caro!
    5) Gli utilizzatori di Apple, per non restare isolati, ci installano sopra anche Windows.
    6) Su Apple Windows va più piano, perché è simulato. Ma spendi molto di più per farlo girare.
    7) Fortunatamente i consumatori iniziano a capirlo e le vendite Apple stanno scendendo.
    8) Speriamo spariscano presto. O almeno che la smettano di inviarci messaggi di SPAM.

    Few are able to pass our spam filters. But this “Apple Customer Support” sends us a message at least once a week. They are deceptive messages, they seem to be written by a user, but they are pure marketing. And every time we have to waste time to delete the text of the message, their email address and the link to their site.

    Want to talk about them?
    OK, let’s talk.

    1) The aggressiveness of Apple’s marketing is really annoying.
    2) Apple computers are expensive and slow. Their only advantage is the apple symbol.
    3) They have produced the most buggy operating systems in the whole computer history.
    4) These are easy-to-use systems, but in return, do just what they want. And you pay much!
    5) Apple users, in order not to remain isolated, also install Windows on it.
    6) On Apple Windows goes slower, because it is simulated. But you spend a lot more.
    7) Fortunately, consumers start to understand it, and Apple sales are falling.
    8) We hope they will disappear soon. Or, at least, they stop sending us SPAM messages.

  2. Joseph-68 says:

    Hi guys', I am a real ignoramus towards you Sommi Vati of VB-net (not to be exchanged with WCnet, xfavore! hehehe),
    substance : I brutally use Kaspersky from time to time as incompatible with each other, mbam (travels like a scare but gets mad with some of your applications, you must make the necessary exclusions),
    and very particular 'Webroot SecureAnywhere’ to flush out ghosts at sites.
    If Apple rudely insists on this, it either keeps seeing your machines or has something installed there; If you have any friends who deal with Ruby you could send them their courtesy, perhaps by clogging their servers with their own intrusive advertising.; as it says : he who is the cause of his evil weep himself.
    A salutone and congratulations on your work. Hello from Giuse-Firenze

  3. RC says:

    Hi. Sorry I write here as I couldnt find any column in Automation section.

    I am a spectroscopist. Lately i have been trying to build a reflection based device at home using CCD webcamera and acquiring spectrum using Theremino Spectrometer software. Its really proved to be very helpful but face one ambiguity. I scan and save many data files over different days. These data files do not have the same steps/resolution of wavelengths. Even the step is not uniform. Is there some option in the program where I can set the range and the step to scan across?

    • Livio says:

      The steps and resolution depends from the camera resolution (horizontal number of pixels).
      If you do not change the camera properties they should remain always the same.

      • RC says:

        Ok thanks Livio for your reply. I will check that. Sometimes I changed the video input controls over different scans, may be that affected the resolution and steps.

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