System modularity

Theremino the system is designed to be modular, We recommend that you always use the standard connectors, to connect the sensors to the modules and the modules themselves.

Normally you use male-female extension, with standard connectors 3-prong. In some cases, jacks from 3.5 mm, that facilitate fast connections. Female Panel jacks, can be easily mounted, on each type of container.

When you purchase the Master module, send along some extensions. Or get 10 or 20 from HobbyKing, for a few euros: technical/connection-cables * cables

Some of these extensions, They then cut in half, to get a male and one female, with wires already connected. Extension cords cut, cheaper than connectors yourself, they have good quality connectors and have soft wire and already connected.

Use standard connectors, lets try new configurations easily, as with Lego blocks.

Here's an example of a typical thereminico system:

Theremino System -

Here we see how to hook a geiger tube, by GeigerAdapter, a Master module ,to go to the USB, and applications on the PC.

Geiger tubes require a GeigerAdapter (the small module that you see in this picture on the left), that feeds them, and adapts them to standard connections. Each probe, with one or more geiger tubes, is placed on a piece of conduit, from electrical, that acts as a container. On the left of each probe, We see a female jack connector 3.5 mm, you need to be able to easily connect to the Master, or a portable geiger (Checker).

The Checker in turn, can also be connected to the Ratemeter.

And finally you will be able to bring the probe into the laboratory and connect it to the Master, to make measurements on the PC. All connecting and disconnecting connectors, without welding.

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