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In this image you can see what the recording should look like.

  1. Livio says:

    We spoke to Microsoft engineers and they hope to be able to adjust the speech recognition in a week..

    Read the details in the areas highlighted in yellow on this page:

  2. Livio says:

    Someone said that the approval of the "Cyber Resilience Act" will lead to the end of the system theremino, but in reality it is exactly the opposite. We are among the few who will remain completely safe from the legal and economic risks arising from the new law..

    Our forward-thinking choice not to participate in commercial projects and not to use official repositories such as GitHub is paying off.. The future difficulties facing all partially commercial Open Source systems, starting from Arduino, Linux and Python show that we have chosen the right path.

    Read more here:

  3. Livio says:

    Microsoft engineers have fixed the servers of the “Speech dictation online”.
    It was not easy but after three days of chat they finally convinced themselves that they had a Bug.

    Read the details in the areas highlighted in yellow on this page:

  4. Livio says:

    We published Theremino GPT – Version 3.0

    – Improved speed of voice dictation initiation
    – Added the ability to call for free to all mobile phones and landlines
    – Added music search on YouTube
    – Improved voice dictation initiation mechanism
    – Improved reliability and accuracy of all functions
    – Documentation too

    Download it from this page:

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