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  1. Marco says:

    Hello everyone. I'm doing some tests with the NetModule and work well even though I have followed the instructions and “reset” the Firewall with the last of three commands that are suggested in the Help.
    The NetModule works even if personally I managed to get it going in either auto SoftAP and not in Station DHCP. Probably I have to set something in the router ?

    I got satisfaction in doing work for 3 items Thereminici all together: Netmodule, NetHAL and Theremino Voice. Practically by connecting only one LED (with fall resistance) on a digital pin of NetModule is realized immediately “Wireless Voice Activated LEDS”! Seeing is believing!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I also tried the NetModule and I went to the first shot with ease.
    I'd like to be able to use more than one analog input.. And’ purchase the form to expand inputs ?

    • Mirko trinca says:

      from what I understand they are working in order to use the adc-24 theremino module coupled to the netmodule but I think it will take a few months.

      • Paul says:

        Salve, by chance there were developments concerning the use of’ ADC-24 combined with netmodule? I'm starting to use theremino and the ability to do it wirelessly seems great

        • Livio says:

          We couldn't get it to go, because the chip ESP8266 contains an error in the administration of the SPI communication. Does not read the last bit of the packet, because the chip of ADC24 takes away too early on as. In fact the ADC24 operates according to the characteristics, but it is the ESP8266 that does not read on the face, How should, but a little’ After.

          We are now trying to use the ESP32, but there are teething problems, you are still unable to compile. Or sooner or later we will succeed but I can't tell you how long it will take.

          • Paul says:

            Thank you very much; Dear. I'll try to buy a Schmitt Trigger to match the netmodule, that eventually to dataloggare a little’ of environmental parameters ought to do it the same (I wouldn't be too frequent readings).

            Thanks again

  3. Geofaber says:

    On the website it describes a “ADC with Schmitt Trigger” done on purpose to transform the digital inputs in the Adc also of NetModule , though I haven't seen it on ebay and thereminostore

    • Livio says:

      Write to Prakash thereminostore, Li is doing these days.

      But keep in mind you are Adc from 10 bits limited. So good to read a temperature or read potentiometers adjust something. But if you are used to the Geophones are very noisy.

  4. Marco says:

    I tried to make a FlickerMeter using the component on Board of small modules “Finger HeartBeat Sensor” the Keyes, that we work for that purpose (detect beats) but the component that acts as a receiver would seem to work, Once disassembled, as a light sensor to detect the flickering.
    Can anyone tell me if they are phototransistors or photodiodes?
    I did not find on the WEB no pattern of such moduletti, But assuming the component as a phototransistor LTR series (IR?) (pinout: Ir Emitter/Collector) It seems to work: the master receives the signal and decodes it FlickerMeter indicating plausible values, just that you have to work with low resistance values set via potentiometer.
    Let me start by saying that I have already ordered the phototransistor indicated on but you know…. the desire to experiment…!

    • Livio says:

      If you have to hold the potentiometer on low then it is definitely a phototransistor, and you've also hooked up right.
      With transistors stated by us shall you would have the same results, so if you still can not get them.
      If you always work with a lot of light, and then you have to hold the potentiometer very low, and hard to adjust it, then you could replace the potentiometer with one of lowest value.

  5. geofaber says:

    Hello everyone. I tried to use the application adc24 to control the balance two scales, and I was fine.
    I checked out a drift over time but I think it is for the quality of the cells
    I guess you could use even with tension load cells type S regardless of load right ? (I thought I'd try it with cells from 500 kg).
    I seem to have seen the opportunity to calibrate for more points, in theory I calibrate on two points, one of which is zero if I'm not mistaken. The alternative is not to use balance and make me a line checking mV and weight ?

  6. Done says:

    I wanted to start a CNC project with Theremino.
    I ordered a Master Dil from Ino-Store, payed by Paypal.
    But i don’t get any answer from Ino-Store.
    I emailed them several times, no response and the order is still processing.
    I think i lost my money.

    So, better not buy there!

    • Livio says:

      There was certainly an error, the site “store-ino” (and not “ino store” as you wrote) is completely safe. Please write to me at “engineering at theremino dot com” and I will personally take care of this. I will contact you immediately and, if there was an error, you will have some Modules as a gift.

      Hi, Livio.

      The store-ino site is here:

      • Done says:

        Today i finally received the order confirmation.
        The mails that i send were in his spam mail.
        Thanks Livio for your mail and help.


        • Livio says:

          Ok, thanks.
          I speaked with Lello (the eBay vendor called maxtheremino) and the next time you do an eBay order you will receive a little gift. You will receive eBay orders in only two or three days because they are not from Chine.

  7. Juergen says:

    the theremino project is great!
    Unfortunately, I need several analog inputs and must use the NetModul. Is it possible to connect the ADC24 to the NetModul?
    I’ve searched here, but found nothing on the subject. Or did I miss something ?
    Happy new year
    Nice day

    • Livio says:

      The NetModule firmware is not capable to connect the Adc24 and we will not expand it because of the poor capabilities of the ESP8266. But there are good news for you!

      We are developping a new module, based on the Expressif ESP32. The new module is similar to our Master (connectable via USB), and to the NetModule (WiFi), and also programmable as an Arduino (via the Arduino IDE). In addition it is very powerful (32 bit and 250 MHz) and has 26 in-out pins. It will be also connectable to the Adc24 (using an Arduino library).

      The new IotModule will be ready in the next three months and has the following characteristics:

  8. Laurence Gene Battin says:

    Just downloaded Theremino MCA v 7.3, running it on Windows 10 Pro 64-bit and it keeps crashing. When this happens, the upper section of the main window, (the menu area) is replaced with a blank box with a big red X across it.

    The error window is thrown up by the NET system, and gives the following reason:

    ************* Exception Text **************
    System.ArgumentException: Rectangle ‘{X=0,Y=0,Width=0,Height=27}’ cannot have a width or height equal to 0.
    at System.Drawing.Drawing2D.LinearGradientBrush..ctor(Rectangle rect, Color color1, Color color2, LinearGradientMode linearGradientMode)
    at Theremino_MCA.Form_Main.ToolStrip1_Paint(Object sender, PaintEventArgs e) …..
    Following lines Removed because not significative

    • Livio says:

      Try this:
      – Close the MCA app.
      – Ensure that no other instances of the MCA app. are running
      – Delete the file “Theremino_MCA_INI.txt” that is near the application MCA.exe
      – Start the app. “Theremino_MCA.exe”

      If after this the MCA is already not working, then your PC has lost some DotNet DLL.
      Try to reinstall DotNet 3.5 or 4.0.
      Try also on another PC

      In the past five years no one has reported a similar problem with the MCA app.

      • Laurence Gene Battin says:

        Thanks for your suggestions. Deleting the file worked. I will go over what I was doing with the program and see if I can recreate the problem. I will also reinstall DotNet 3.5 and 4.0 as you suggest.

  9. Laurence Gene Battin says:

    On your page :
    the following links are broken or no longer point to videos:

    Tomy’s YouTube channel ( no longer seems to have any videos on Theremino or Nuclear spectroscopy at all, as near as I can make out.

    All of the url’s listed
    ( = K1M9mlxc2cA = NXQRuibuPqo)
    Are also absent.

  10. Franco M. says:

    Good morning, i have an hp notebook with WIN7 / 64 bit, I would like information if possible: the Behringer UCA202 sound card is compatible with the DAA? In February I had ordered the CM6206 recommended by you but because of the pandemic it never arrived and still give delivery times (from China) at least two months, at this point I don't trust to order it again, I find Behringer in Italy relatively quickly. Thank you so much if you can answer me, in any case, I congratulate you for the overtime you do, greetings to all

    • Livio says:

      Hello, all sound cards are compatible with the DAA, so the Behringer UCA202 will also work for sure.

      But most likely it won't work in continuous or in any case none of us know how and if we could modify it to make it go in continuous. And not even if after the changes it would work stably.

      So with a different card than the one recommended, you will end up with a half oscilloscope that can only see the changes from 10 Hz up.

      Try asking Lello (eBay maxtheremino seller) if he can send you one of the good ones. If he has it, he will get it to you in three days and maybe already changed to continue.

      Find it here:

      Or write to him here:

      • Franco M. says:

        Thanks Livio for your help, then I'll let you know how it went, meanwhile good job and congratulations again

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