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Store-Ino Chinese site

Store-Ino is a new website (always run by Chinese) (and luck that there are). This is a site well built and easy to read.

The item descriptions are accurate and complete, and the objects themselves are carefully chosen for their quality and performance. Remarkable such as microscope and his magnetic mount, that are better than others which are found on the web.

Of course there are also all system components theremino. The complete web address is

The nonprofit organization system theremino has trade agreements with Store-Ino, but we communicate frequently via Skype and we have full confidence in the organizers of this site. You can find their references in This page.

The store-ino site is managed by Teen amateurs, they are learning from scratch, to make a global sales network. At the beginning, inevitably, they will make some mistakes, but not treat them badly, everything will be fixed.

They are not anonymous Chinese traders, It takes care. They are real people and they use themselves our modules, for Hobbies and professionally. Named Xiao, Lucy and Nick. And in case of problems there are also two Westerners, to talk in Italian and English, Lello and Leo.

Some think that the Chinese are crooks and they're ruining our economy, but it is not so! In reality this is often very conscientious and passionate people, a little’ like we Italians in the years of economic boom. And they're not ruining our economy, simply jobs that we don't want to do, because too boring, heavy and poorly paid.

Physics Open Lab – The “Big science” for the Makers

A fantastic “Lab Open House”, where share technologies, materials, documentation and experiences, created by a group of "makers" passionate about science.

Describes experiences of experimental physics, can be made with the system Theremino. We make experiments to see and touch the main concepts of modern physics, as the wave-particle duality, the quantization, radioactivity and also the strange phenomenon of entanglement.

A site full of interesting projects

Janis Alnis

On These Pages You will find hundreds of interesting videos on electronics and materials physics. They are useful videos for "makers" but also for those who design electronics and scientific equipment.

Janis has been publishing experimental physics experiments for almost fifteen years. Each of his videos is a surprise and many can make even the most experienced discover new things.

Low Power World

Low Power World

In This site our collaborator Fabrizio publishes its latest versions of software, mainly the firmware and examples of use of the ESP32, but not only.

We will also publish the main versions on the Theremino website, but by visiting the Fabrizio site frequently, you can stay up to date with the latest news.

Museum of Radioactivity

Radioactivity Museum

In This site You can find information about a large number of radioactive objects.

And’ The most comprehensive collection we've found so far. We've been dealing with these things for decades, but there are objects in this museum that we didn't know about yet. We recommend everyone to visit it.

Software HOW

Software How Banner

In This site you can find interesting articles useful to identify the best software for every occasion. The reviews are well written and clearly specify whether it is free or paid software.

Of course we have not tried all the proposed software, but we have made an exploratory tour of the whole site and we are quite confident that the software indicated as free will not give surprises.

Create order out of chaos

Create order out of chaos

In This site of scientific disclosure written by Pietro Semproni, you can find interesting articles on the physics of the universe and on the transmission and inactivation of viruses.


Website banner ElettroAmici

Finally a site where electronics are electronic components l & #8217; friendship and collaboration. On Elettroamici you will be treated with kindness even if you are a beginner.

Then If by misfortune you happen to land on a site where they treat you to fish in the face, don't make a disease, could be better! Abandoned those sites sad and quarrelsome, like we did, and let everybody on the forum of Elettroamici.

Elettroamici is a forum but you can also write articles. Everyone can write articles, just sign up. Elettroamici also has a great merit, zero advertising!

– – – – –

Why a forum?

The blog site theremino is fine for simple questions and answers, but to collaborate in complex projects you need a forum. The ElettroAmici forum has all the necessary mechanisms to communicate comfortably, You can exchange files, publish images, do research, highlight text, make changes and corrections, etc…

– – – – –

Here is the official forum of the system theremino, We are waiting for them:
elettroamici community – Forum theremino

Subscribe to ElettroAmici starting from this page:


www.meteolink.itA very interesting site of our collaborator GEMA Garcia that has helped me tremendously to develop on ThereminoGeiger. The site provides weather and radiation constantly updated by Montelupo Fiorentino (Fi) radiation level detected with Theremino_Geiger. Now in the event of a serious accident we will realise even without official data. Until the radiation is around 100 NS/h all is well, If it were to go up very, Let's say over 1 us/h then there would be nothing to worry about. measurements with a fully self-built equipment.

GEMA Garcia is also preparing a second station radiation detection with ThereminoGeiger for the GLOBE project:


Flybri - Drones for agriculture

Detect from above the State of vegetation and other useful parameters to farmers.

An exciting new initiative of Alessio:




bionerd23 banner

…Theremino is quite cool software. i think i should do a review on that sometime soon…
HTTPS:// = NWMJQu9Vs7o

We really appreciate this mention, on bionerd23 channel, that we follow with great interest.

Community of Geology – dolfrang

Many thanks Angel and Francis Dolmetta for having directed in the right direction. Until last year the geology was for us just a friendly Word. Now thanks to Angelo and Francis we begin to figure it out. However, we remain only good electronic designers, whereby we invite you, for these topics, to reference handlers and members of the Blog “COMMUNITY’ of geology ” and related sites.

Some interesting pages on HVSR tromografia:

Banner ElektroSoft

The pages on this site are interesting and full of useful information. Giovanni, in addition to knowing electronics with decades of experience, also knows how to program, a rarity.

In the site is located a little’ of everything and on this page there is its seismological station:



DevCad and Profili2 sites contain excellent Cad/Cam applications for hobbyists and small businesses, partly freeware. As well as an archive, with hundreds of profiles and ribbed wing panels, all downloadable freely without the hassle of having to register. We thank Stephen for making this information freely available.

Stefano isn't technically an employee of the system Theremino, but is a great friend, CAM expert, GCodes and special processing (from cutting the styrofoam at balsa ribs, utilities for DXF and plot). Stefano's tips were very helpful, to improve Theremino CNC. Turn to him with confidence, for questions about these topics, or for suggestions and ideas regarding extreme CNC machines (even beyond the usual three orthogonal axes).

Interesting forum for the exchange of ideas among modelers.
Experts creators of kites are all here:

DevCad sites and Profili2, with lots of useful information and some freeware application:

On this site you can find patterns and prices of all commercial and Theremin Kit. The site is also packed with practical instructions and hints for learning how to play them. The real Center of the world for thereministi.

Here's an interesting section of the forum, on the appropriate sensors to our ThereminSynth:

And here a section on oscillators to “Digital Theremin” = 45

And here a section on simulations LTSpice of oscillators

Andrea Bosi
– Electronics, Informatics and radioactivity –

The pages on this site are interesting, full of useful information, Nice to read and scientifically accurate. Andrea describes difficult subjects with great simplicity and makes them easy to understand. Read the pages of the great guru Andrea Banda helped us a lot when we didn't know distinguish an “Thorium Mantle” from a “Higgs boson”. Those who want to delve into these things should read everything on his site, as if it were a book:

On this page you will find an excellent description on Ms Range

AbiTest – An initiative of Walter Bellini “The doctor in the House”, for safety and health.

Theremino the system considers of great importance, each ecological initiative and for the environmental control.. The environmental dangers lurk in every home and Abitest is an important tool to fight them. A major innovation, what everyone should know.

For details follow this channel:…..housedoctor

The site AbiTest and other interesting events:

A very interesting blog for electronics, information technology and DIY. The site setting (*) is ideal, to learn fast and collect new ideas. Very appreciable that the site doesn't talk about money, subscriptions and mailing lists (other magazines “Open Source” don't have this delicacy). So must be the free information!

(*) XOrse is a blog born in 2010, with the simple purpose of collecting reviews of various products, without the presumption of being too thorough talking tech.

Very interesting site on sensors and actuators.

This site brings together neatly and most interesting encyclopedic all devices on the market. Also available are indicative prices and explanations on the principles of operation.

Before choosing a sensor check the data sheet why not all sensors of this site are compatible with our system.

Sunshine Coast Australia Live Radiation Monitoring Stations – This is an amateur volunteer run service. The station charts for Caloundra and Golden Beach, are refreshed every 5 minutes. There are two live charts for each monitoring station location. A 120 second logging chart, full width is 2 hours. A 3 hour average chart, full width is 24 hours.

Australian Computer Club – The food lab – Interesting research on the contamination in food.

Australian Computer Club Blog – Interesting articles on the measurement of gamma rays in the environment and in food. – Very interesting site on ionizing radiation.

The purpose of Simply Nuclear is to provide an encyclopedia of nuclear physics, with easy-to-understand material on radiation and particle physics. Knowledge must be available to all people and in a more comprehensive and easy to understand as possible, If we want to progress as a species.

Science, Robotics and Electronics
We are committed to bringing the best science equipment to students, educators, creative professionals and consumers around the world.

A very interesting site about robotics, Automation and Geiger counters. Offers Open Source projects useful and well made, that can be purchased in kit or pre-assembled.

Roberto Chirio
– Lighting technique, Electronics, Informatics and radioactivity – A site full of ideas, useful tips and unpublished schemas.

The ideas are interesting and innovative, simple diagrams and well researched. Many suggestions and ideas for interesting and useful self-construction. The section on LEDs and one on Geiger go browse at least once and follow often.

– Electronics and radioactivity – One observation: Everyone must visit this site, point!

The incredible and monstrously powerful realizations of Fabio Bragonzi (aka Macgyver) fascinate us for many years. Fabio, Besides being one of the greatest Italian Ionizers, He is also involved in measuring the ionising radiation emitted by radioactive disintegrations. We have a lot in common, first of all a great love of science and electronics, But even the free publication of research results.

In this video = qy0Q8NZi6CE si vede cosa combina Fabio, meglio che nelle foto. Sono fulmini degni di Giove, se sbagli qualcosa ti friggono! – Gamma Spectrometry Systems

Good gamma spectroscopy systems with prices starting from as little as $299 – These systems are perfect for teachers and students, and anyone who want’s to discover the invisible world of nuclear radiation. A skilled operators can use these systems to identify trace amounts of radioactive contamination in our environment.

Diego Barone – Progetti di ogni genere

In questo sito si possono trovare progetti semplici, complessi ed altri assolutamente inusuali, segno di grande genio ma con solide e precise fondamenta in elettronica e fisica. Nella pagina “Home / Tesla Coil / Il sistema Wireless di Tesla” You can read the explanation more scientifically and technically correct I've ever read about Tesla's theories. After thousands of articles on Tesla, confused and full of crap, you jump out, slit her, the Diego and in a few pages ago ends everything in a simple and technically flawless, deserves a Nobel. Recommend this site which is really interesting and unique.

Stefano Parodi

In collaboration with Stephen Parodi Geotechnological lab we're developing software ThereminoGeo Emiliano for collecting seismic data.

ThereminoGeo is an ambitious and complex program that will take many months of development, You can use any kind of detector, by three-axis accelerometers with pendulums Lehman, with digital FIR filtering (Finite Impulse Response)

The data is saved in the format of PSN and may be published periodically via FTP. The data format chosen can’ be displayed with “WinQuake” The freeware version of WinQuake can’ be used as a great opener, the version with full performance cost a few tens of euros.

The format that you chose will also participate in major world because networks including the Italian experimental network of stations because

A very interesting electronic projects site – Electronics, for passion

This site, Despite its minimalist appearance, and’ a mine of electric circuits of all kinds, sensors, driving circuits and much more. All presented with great technical precision, with the right pictures, tables, waveforms and everything you need to facilitate a rapid understanding. Not surprisingly it appears on the first page of Google trying to simply “Electronics”

Rajan Craveri

www.rajancraveri.itInteresting performance under artistic and technical, Workshops on Max/MSP and Jitter, study material with multiple Input Output systems. session of the “Neme Opla”, the open and free lab, with experiments on the system Theremino.

Users, Forums and groups

Theremino Radioactivity Forum – A forum for fans with interesting discussions and advice about Gamma spectrometry.

Gamma Spectrometry Yahoo! Group – Group of fans with interesting discussions and advice about Gamma spectrometry.

RCGroups – Interesting forum for manufacturers of radio-controlled models and drones.

Harjit Singh – Forum on foam cutting with CNC Theremino. The thread contains much useful information and excellent pictures to achieve a four-axis hot wire mechanics.

Video of Peter Rossin the foam cutting with CNC Theremino.

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