First steps with LEDs

Theremino test ledsTurn on the LEDs
The LEDs are grafted directly on the pins of Master and Slave modules Servant, or with male-female extension cords. To start, use the application Theremino HAL and adjust the LEDs manually.
LEDSPINSMasterSlaveServoExtension cords
Theremino HAL
The application Theremino HAL simplifies communication with devices connected to the USB. For LEDs on and off, set their pins as DigOut, to adjust brightness, set as Pwm_16.
Theremino HALSensorsActuatorsDigout
Theremino ArduHALArduHAL
The ArduHAL application connects the modules Arduino with high-level software via USB and Slots. Use Arduino in place of a Master decreases the speed of Exchange, but adds new possibilities. For example read some sensors that the Master could not read.
Theremino ArduHAL
Theremino NetHALNetHAL
This application is the predecessor of IotHAL. Use NetHAL modules (ESP8266) who just eight Pin InOut and one ADC. Also reprogram NetHAL modules is rather difficult and even more difficult to expand their firmware with new features.
Theremino NetHAL

This application connects the IotModule with high-level software, via WiFi. You can read the sensors and motors to move the radio. Then it opens up possibilities of control that the USB cable made uncomfortable or impossible. the IotModule (based on ESP32) are easily programmable with Arduino, to add new features.
Theremino IotHAL

Theremino SlotViewer
The Theremino system modular applications communicate through the Slots. The Viewer displays the SLOTS status and allows you to adjust them manually.
SlotViewerModularity Communications HAL SLOT

Theremino SlotsOverNet V1.3
Theremino SlotsOverNet
This application connects the multiple PC slots connected to the local network, also via WiFi (and in the future through the Internet).

Application easy to use but very useful and efficient. The list, with syntax checking, also accepts configuration commands and is scalable up to many hundreds of Slots.

SlotsOverNetModularity Communications HAL SLOT

Theremino Slots to OfficeTheremino Office
Many know Excel and know how to use VBA (Visual Basic for Applications). You can write and read the Slot from VBA paves the way towards the economic management of sensors and actuators. Just a Master module and you will get the same results that in the past required expensive National systems, MATHLAB or similar.

Theremino ButtonsTheremino Buttons
With this application you can create control panels to use with your Mouse or with Touch Screen.

You learn quickly to change colors, the size of the buttons and to set them on one or more files. Just type the text you want to appear on the buttons and some other simple command to a text file.

You can use various functions including controlling Motors giving the destination and speed.

Three green led, Red and blue, can generate light of any color. The application Theremino RGB controls them with timed fade ramps, or driven by other applications on the system.

The audio signal to slots
This application receives the audio signal, from the windows mixer or microphone.

Capacitive buttons
The capacitive button is cut with scissors from copper adhesive tape. Or you can use bananas, flower pots, slightly conductive liquids or any other object. You get the equivalent of MakeyMakey, but without the danger of connecting an electric wire on your wrist.
KeymanagerBananaKeysBananaKeys3DMakey MakeyLemonsPianoScriabin ’ sCopper adhesive tape

Psychedelic applications
Theremino AudioInput signals and RGB Theremino can drive all kinds of appliances psychedelics.
PsycoballYoutubevideoWall Washing

Theremino Simon Game

Simon Game
The hit game "Simon Says" Constructible with four LEDs, four wires and a little’ of tape.
Theremino Simon Game

Led lighting strips
Simple adapters, buildable even on sideburns mille-holes, can drive led strips. You get a very efficient lighting and any shade of color.

Theremino - Opto RelayRelay photos coupled with MOSFET
Very similar to a normal relay, but can switch in a millisecond, lasts virtually endless, an exceptional insulation and is very small.
Theremino Optorelay

Theremino Opto TriacPaired photos from relay 3 KW
This relay can switch on and off large loads, such as furnaces and boilers. And it also works well with inductive loads such as motors, Transformers and large electromagnets. Theremino Optotriacs

Getting started with servo motors

Move the servo
The servo plug directly to the pins of a Master module. It starts with the application Theremino HAL, you configure the pins like Servo_16 and move them manually. Read the instructions of HAL, How do I adjust the values of the pins with your mouse.
PINMasterBuy modulesTheremino HAL
Servo controlsThereminoAutomation

Fly high power engines
With a controller and an external power supply, You can drive even the most powerful brushless motors. A Master module can control up to twelve independent motors. Servo motorsYoutubevideo
Simple applications with the servant
With the servos you can build simple but powerful devices, as the Theremino Radar.

Continuous rotation servos

For some applications (they have a feedback loop optic or magnetic) These engines can be better than steppers.
Stepper motors
Stepper control system Theremino is simple to use, but precise and high performance. With Theremino CNC control machines, up to five axes, and for the extrusion of plastic up to two colors.
SteppersHAL applicationMaster Firmware
Smart Motor STS3032Smart engines (Smart Motors)
A Smart Motor monitors the angular position, the speed of rotation, the acceleration and torque applied to the output pin. Applications connect to these motors through a USB port and tell the motor where to go, acceleration, the maximum speed and torque. And the engine responds the current state of all parameters, mainly location, speed, couple, current, voltage and temperature. Theremino_SmartMotors

Sensors and adapters

Theremino the system is also a collection of the best sensors. From simple temperature sensors, the photomultiplier tubes for the Gamma spectrometry, grouped by topics: Hardware_Inputs

Theremino MultiplexerMultiplexer
In some cases it can be handy to multiply a single input to read up to eight sensors. In other cases you may control up to eight users with only one output. But – attention – always one at a time.


Some sensors need a different voltage from 5 Volts on PIN standard. In other cases it serves a very stable voltage, an adaptation of the output signal or limitation of supply current. Adapters
Voltage adapter
This adapter can be useful when signals with voltages greater than 3.3 volts or less than zero volts (therefore negative with respect to GND). Adapter Voltage

Adapter for CNC
In the past the cutters were controlled by Mach3 or LinuxCNC, through the parallel port. With this simple adapter, You can use the machines still designed for parallel, with all the benefits of the USB connection.

Adapter for laser diodes
A CNC milling machine equipped with diode laser, can cut some thin materials. But the most suitable processes are the engravings in wood. With the ImgToGcode application you can also transform photographs into GCode and enjoy beautiful engravings.
LaserAdapter Theremino_CNCImgToGcode

Theremino DopplerSensorDoppler Radar Module
This sensor can be used for many uses: by car alarms, the revelation of presence, the transfer rates for drones, model airplanes and cars. But also to measure the rate of fall, the diameter and density of particles, like rain, hail and snow.
Balance_0.01_100gLoad cells
Small scales that you buy on eBay, for less than 10 Euro, contain high quality load cells. With the Adc24 module and application Theremino Balance, You can read the load cells and get the data right on your PC.

Temperature sensors
With Theremino the system is difficult to measure and stabilize temperatures. The dirty work they do the application HAL and the firmware that's on Master, so with just a few lines of software you can build laboratory thermometers and thermostats, tailored to your needs.

ADC 24ADC 24
This module opens the way for precision measurements. Sensors “difficult” as the load cells, the PT100 or thermocouple, you simply read by connecting four wires. The very recent ADC (2015), It is extremely fast, accurate and silent.


Theremino Automation
We have developed the Theremino Automation Language to help non-programmers. This is probably the simplest programming language in the world.
Theremino BlocklyTheremino Blockly
With Blockly you learn to program even without studying the syntax of the commands. Connecting blocks is easy and intuitive even for the little ones. Simpler than Automation, but you can still access all the resources of our system. Theremino_BlocklyRobotics

Theremino CNC

The simplest CNC in the known universe. Only the commands that you truly need, and not one more.


Theremino Cobot

Control mechanisms and collaborative robots in a simple and intuitive way: Theremino_Cobot

And we've also written applications for communication with engines.: Theremino_Motors

QR Codes creator

Theremino QR Codes
Two applications Theremino QRcode and Theremino QRdecoder, they encode and decode all types of QRcode (square labels) and BarCode (barcodes). Fifteen different types of codes can be used, four QR codes and eleven barcodes, of which three alphanumeric and eight numeric. Theremino_QR_Codes

Theremino Robot ARM

Robotics requires inverse kinematics algorithms. The application Theremino ARM and the system Theremino can be the easiest way to get started.
The most powerful robot
The same techniques and the same software of Theremino ARM, are also usable for driving larger robot. Stretching the arms, increasing the weight and using powerful engines the accuracy decreases very. These robots cannot write and draw, but they can move objects and perform other operations.

InMoov open source robotsInMoov – An Open Source robot and 3D printed
The robot InMoov "Gaël Langevin", is fully compatible with the system Theremino, replacing the Arduino with the Master, you gain space, you spend less and increase communication speed.
Robot InMoov
Original site of Gaël Langevin

Robotics also includes achievements without articulated arms. This, for example,, It is the basis of ultrasonic radar das Riboni, a very active Robotics Maker.

Servo PID V1 BoardAn H-bridge controlled with PID
Check DC motors in speed or feedback, and make them the servo motors.
Control of chemical and physical processes
Scientific and educational experiments, feedback, thermostats and timers. With Theremino Script even if you have never programmed can control these processes, for example with: TempController
Point Follower
This application was developed to align a telescope, on the fake star produced by a laser. The same principle applies to other process control applications, in industrial production and in scientific applications.

Video Recorder

This application is just an example, a skeleton on which to build. However the difficult parts and fundamentals are all there, audio, WebCam settings, compressing the video, resolution and frame rate settings, etc ...
Video Inspector
The Video Inspector is designed to locate missing components on printed circuit boards during testing. Many automation applications can use usefully to this application.
Video Input
Detection of changes in video images (movement detection). For perimeter surveillance, car alarms, access controls and revelation of the passage of animals. Even the classic industrial applications (for example, point out the lack of caps on cans) can use this application, or the previous Video Inspector.
Micro Viewer
Some webcams may focus a few millimeters and behave like a microscope. This application helps achieve optimum magnification and image quality.
Micro Video
This app is similar to MicroViewer, but it can also record. It can also start recording and stop her, using external commands (through the slots). With "Start" and “Stop” recording starts instantaneously and instantly stops.

Convert images to Gcode

The RobotArm and other automation applications can use usefully to this small utility that converts an image into Gcode.
Theremino ImgGreyscaleToGcode V2.0Grayscale to Gcode conversion
This little utility converts a grayscale image to Gcode. The method used produces windings proportional to the light and dark areas of the image. It is therefore possible to produce a grayscale image with cutters or other tools that would not allow it.
Vector to Raster conversion
The Laser Cutter, the Engraving and other similar machines, require a Bitmap instead of a vector graphic (Gcode, DXF or WMF). The GcodeToImage application, performs these conversions, easily and intuitively. RoboticsAutomationGcodeToImage

Convert images to vectors

This app turns an image into vector. It is a difficult task and this is one of the few utilities that do (as an alternative you could use WinTopo)

Theremino Pad

This application, similar to notebook car mats (pad), move the mouse cursor on the screen. The location is determined by the value of two slots.
Relay Sequencer

Theremino ReleSequencer
With this small application you can create sequences to control relays, or generic output signals with which to drive all sorts of on/off type actuators. The special feature of this solution is to be able to drive a large number of outputs, even far away, using only three output pins of a Master, or an Arduino, or NetModule.
ReleSequencerRelay Switcher

Counter Reader
Theremino CounterReader

The application Theremino CounterReader shows how to correctly read the encoders and counters.
Theremino CounterReader

Audio and Video

Synthesizer Theremin
This app works even without hardware. Download it and try it now the quality of the sounds. You can compose your hardware and software configurations, impossible for any commercial Theremin.

3D theremin
Are Open Source files to print the Theremin with 3D printers. The design is all Italian, twenty years ahead, than traditional Tin-made Theremin. Kapton antennas, protect internal circuitry from static discharge, up to 20 thousand volts. Kapton_3Dfiles

Midi Player The same is this comfortable ThereminSynth MidiPlayer downloads, that can be used as a basis, While playing the Theremin or to send MIDI data to slots, or to other applications. Midiplayer

Midi Watcher The same is also home to the ThereminSynth MidiWatcher downloads, a small handy application to control MIDI data and communications.


Transmit sound and music by Laser
This project can transmit an audio signal over long distances. The audio quality is perfect and very simple construction.

CV-Gate adapter for analog synths
Any release of Theremino System, can be transformed into a control voltage. The old synths, so vintage by not having even a MIDI connector, can be controlled with this little adapter. PwmToCV

Slots To Midi
This application reads the slots and send MIDI data. With simple buttons, composed of adhesive copper scraps, You can get sound from polyphonic synthesizers, hardware synthesizers or expanders. With dischetti_piezo You can play battery. Vice versa with MIDI data can move servo motors, pilot lights.. SlotsToMidiSlotsToMidiVideoScissorsVideoPiezoDrums

Piezoelectric sensors
Piezo disks costing a few cents and are great for many applications. You mainly use for percussion but can drive synthesizers sound too, operate by buttons or even from vibration detectors or accelerometers.

A table that sounds better than the real ones. Theremino_PiezoDrumsSuperDrumFXSensori_piezo


Sync Mode
Play real music with six keys.
Impossible but true.
SyncMode Sensori_piezo
Demo1 Demo2 Demo3

Drum and percussion synthesizer
SuperDrumFX is a freeware VST. The best existing battery and percussion synthesizer. The sound is professional, comparable to that of the most expensive commercial systems and probably even better.

Control of VST synths
Theremino the system can control VST, with applications ThereminSynth, SlotsToMidi and Midiplayer. All applications in the system can control VST, via MIDI and SLOTS. VST_SynthsYoutubevideo

Music Keys
This small application sends the keystrokes from the PC keyboard, to the slot. With MusicKeys you can try the Theremin's polyphonic Synth modes, even without hardware.

Sound Player
This application was created to multimedia installations and artistic works but can be used by all applications, through the slots. The possibilities are limited only by imagination. SoundPlayerBlogenniobertrandtiktaalikEnnioYoutubevideoYoutubevideo

Video Player
This application was created to multimedia installations and artistic works but can be used in many ways. Interaction with other components of the system takes place through the slots and the possibilities are only limited by imagination.

VideoplayerBlog enniobertrandLioFor30

Theremino Media Player

Media Player
This application is less flexible than the previous “Video Player”, but can display each video format, even with sound. As well as animated GIF images, JPG and BMP images and even MP3 or WAV for audio only.

MediaPlayerBlog enniobertrandLioFor30

Audio Input
This application separates the audio signal into frequency bands and measures the level. Data can be sent to each system component Theremino, through the slots. Theremino_AudioInput Psycoball Lightcontrol

Audio Generator
This function is always missed, on all operating systems and programming languages. Even experienced programmers will find it difficult to implement it. With this application, generate signals made easy, as he always had to be.

Audio Examples
Playing a file with precooked functions of the system is easy, But having total control over sounds, handling individual samples is another matter. Here are the basic functions for audio input and output. As well as a high quality spectrum analysis and methods to create sounds, starting from scratch. With these basics you can build other applications. Audio_Examples

Theremino AudioAnalyzerAudioanalyzer
This application scans spectrum of periodic signals coming from a sound card and writes on a number of slots to values measured at different frequencies and the calculated distortion rate.
Audio Analyzer

Theremino AudioRecorderAudioRecorder
A sample application for recording and playback techniques on Windows. See also how to convert files in MP3 format. Can also be used as a recorder.
Audio Recorder

Artificial Intelligence and Biometrics

Theremino_GPT applicationTheremino GPT
This application accesses OpenAI (GPT3 and GPT4) and also contains the application Speech_Dictation, for high-quality speech recognition and Azure neural voices that are indistinguishable from real human voices.
To know the details read this page:
Artificial intelligence

Theremino DictationTheremino Dictation
This application was developed for Theremino GPT, but can also be used for other applications. For details follow these links:
Theremino Dictation Artificial intelligence

Theremino PlayerTheremino Player
This application has been developed to provide Theremino GPT with the ability to search and play any kind of music without hassles. You don't have to subscribe to Google Music or Alexa Music and ads are inexorably exterminated. To know the details follow these links:
Theremino Player Artificial intelligence

SlotsToSpeechSlots to Speech
This is a handy application to be read numeric values. It can be used, for example,, to adjust a device without looking away from the set points for watching the screen.

SlotText ToSpeechSlotText to Speech
This application is similar to the previous one but reads the SlotText instead of the numeric Slots. SlotText are written by new versions of Automation and some new applications (early months of 2022).

Theremino - Voice commandsVoice
The Theremino system can also listen and speak. You can send voice commands, hear confirmation messages and be read passages of text.
Instead of complex HTML interfaces and web pages filled with controls, you could simply call home and say, for example,, “Serra”, “Vacuum cleaner”, “Lit”

Theremino VideoColorsTheremino VideoColors
This application decodes colors over a great distance, even from many meters. Plus the tint (HUE) it changes very little with the variation of the light. A WebCam is used as a sensor, choosing it from the cheapest.

Theremino - Video Space to Sound SpaceView

A dedicated application for blind people.
For now only works with light objects on dark background. But we wanted to publish it as soon as possible, to make publicly available the principle of Visual Space conversion to sound space. So as to make it not patentable.

Mindwave Bridge
This application acts as a bridge between the Mindwave and Theremino the system. The incoming data from the sensor and sent to slots, allow all kinds of interaction. For example, you could move the engines, on mental commands, or turn on led for Chromotherapy or induce relaxation self-feedback.

Theremino EmotionMeter 3.0 application

Emotion Meter
Experimental application, similar to Scientology's e-meter.

ECG mesuring cursors

With a module AD8232 (a few euros on eBay) connected directly to a Master and SignalScope Adc16 entrance application, You can get Electrocardiograms for long times. Alternatively you can use the optical sensor designed by us.

Theremino ECGApplication for search of arrhythmias
This application is not a classic but ECG is designed specifically to highlight the frequency variations and arrhythmias. The graphics are stored in the archive file and you can browse them just in time. You can use both optical sensors that ECG sensors for classic Electro-Cardiogrammi.
Theremino ECG Adapter_ECGAdapter_OCG

Active electrodes for ECG and EEG without contact

Non-contact electrodes have many advantages, first of all the complete elimination of the galvanic connection with patient. Then security to 100%, without batteries or complicated power circuits.
Active electrodesBlog


Theremino Dolfrang
Logger for Geology.
Application: Geology # dolfrang
Geophones: Geology-sensors # geophones
Accelerometers: Geology-sensors # lis344
GeoPreamp: geology_sensors # geopreampv4
Blog: blogs/geology

Theremino GPSTheremino GPS
This application greatly simplifies the reading of convenient and economical GPS receivers to be connected to a USB port.
Application: Theremino_GPS

Viewing logs and seismic analysis.
Application: Geology # geopsy
Official site:
Blogs ' community of Geology ": references # dolfrang

Polls HV
In the area below the 5 Hz (region where the Geophones are more deficient), There are no components with lower noise. Polls HV obtained compete easily with professional appliances more expensive.
Geology Blog Downloads

Geomagnetic surveys
The cheap sensors products from Speakesensors (about thirty euros) can be connected directly (or with a simple adapter) the system Theremino. Minimum magnetic anomalies can be measured, for archaeology and geological surveys. MagnetometersGeologyBlogDownloads

With 3D accelerometers low noise (practically the only LIS344) You can watch over telluric movements until the Ritcher scale and zero even under. The measurement is done in 3D and with flat passband from zero to over 100 Hz. LIS344AccelerometersGeology Blog Downloads

Geo-electrical surveys
A complete system for the geoelectrical is complex and inevitably very expensive. We then designed a modular system, that can be constructed DIY, with common components.

Theremino System -Cercametalli
We are planning an SDM (Software Defined Metal-Detector). The principle is the same as for SDR radios, that is, reduce the hardware to a minimum, immediately convert the signal to digital and do all the processing in the software. The software can then be used to program the more complex discrimination functions, present only in metal detectors that cost thousands of Euros. MetalDetector

GP PointerPin Pointers
The Pin Pointer is needed as a complement to metal detectors, but unfortunately the good ones cost a lot and the cheap ones have disappointing characteristics. We have found simple and effective solutions to make cheap GP Pointers work with the same features as the more expensive models. PinPointers


Gamma Spectrometry
Theremino MCA clinched the top spot in the world rankings rapidly candid analyzers. Until a few years ago there was only the “PRA” (an Australian program) but now almost everyone uses Theremino MCA.

Adapter for photomultiplier tubes
To obtain the highest resolution possible impulses must be packed with precision. This adapter also has a low noise and works up to 1500 Volts with stabilized voltage.
A separateAdapterNoiseSignalFilters

This application makes measurements of radioactivity with each sensor type. Geiger tubes can be connected, scintillator crystals, solid state detectors and rooms at ions for Radon. The measuring range is linearized in software and extends to extremely low radiation levels.

Geiger adapter
An adapter for geiger tubes with characteristics “extreme”. Works with all geiger tubes, feeds them with stabilized voltage and produces an output signal easy to count. Consumes so little that we can stay on continuously for many years with only one battery.
The geigeradapter RadioactivitySensors

Geiger adapter DIY
This adaptor to geiger is easier to build. The only feature below the Geiger Adapter is the largest current consumption (few but against 10 UA).

Geiger adapter Flintstones
This version is simpler and uses only common components. The project can also be fitted on a Breadboard. The only features below is major Geiger Adapter current consumption (few but against 10 UA) and the largest printed circuit board. GeigerAdapterFlintstones

A micro-geiger with battery, buzzer, flashing led, Geigeradapter and Geiger tube. Everything can fit comfortably in a shirt pocket. Coupled with our GeigerAdapter may work for years, always on, with only one battery from 1.5 size AAA. ThereminoChecker

Connects to ThereminoChecker when you want to make more precise measurements. Measure the CPM and classical scales x 1, x 10, x 100 and x 1000, as the faithful old Ludlum.

Cosmic ray detector
The coincidence in time between the pulses of two geiger tubes indicates the arrival of a cosmic ray. DetectorVideo

Continuous measurement of Radon
The advantages of this solution are the speed of measurement, the measure "continue" and won't bind to collection and measurement but does everything automatically and finally, ease of adjustment.

Meteorology and Drones

Theremino Weather
This application is under construction.
Currently only displays sensor data and does not produce a log.

Lightning Detector

There are very good networks and maps for Lightning. This detector has a different purpose, hear local lightning, often the networks do not report and measures approximate distance. The order is automatically disconnect sensitive equipment, until the end of the danger.

EMF meter
Unlike normal EMF meters, This unit has a logarithmic output, Why doesn't need a flow switch. Its high dynamics (about 80 DB) allows to measure, in one range, by weaker signals some uV/meter) up to stronger (tens of volts per meter).

Powder spectrometry
The common dust has worst effects of radiation and Radon. Simple sensors can measure the amount of dust and even distinguish the “fine particles”, which are the most dangerous, those medium-sized and large.
Dust Sensors

Meteorological sensors
Theremino the system can pick up signals from each sensor type, than standard meteorology, up to the strangest, as lightning detectors, environmental noise and dust. All buildable and fitted in “Diy”.
Meteorological Sensors

Theremino NDVI image
Images NDVI

Monitor your crops from above with the drones is getting cheaper. The application Theremino NDVI converts images that contain the blue and infrared, false-colour images, showing the health of vegetation. Theremino NDVI

Theremino Uav Pilot Log
Logbook from professional pilot of UAV
The UavPilotLog application updates the personal Loogbook of UAV pilot (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles). It is a specific application, they will use only professional riders, but it is also an example and a starting point for similar applications. And it's also a great example of how to send the coordinates in Google Earth and Google Maps. Theremino UavPilotLog

SDR – Software Defined Radio

Theremino SDRTheremino SDR
Until a few years ago a receiver to listen to radio signals from 10 KHz to 1.8 GHz, It would cost a fortune. But now all the hard work is done in software and what's left is made with four ingredients, that cost a few tens of Euros.
Theremino Signal Decoder


Theremino SignalDecoder
This application ’ decodes l morse, remote control coded signals and weather sensors.

Theremino Active AntennaActive Antenna
A long antenna ten centimeters that goes best of huge antennas that can be seen on the roof of radio amateurs.
Theremino_Active Antenna
Theremino UpConverterUp Converter
Everyone should, at least once, explore the magical world of shortwave, where every day you can listen to hundreds of communications between amateur radio operators, as well as broadcasting in morse code, teletype, time signals, weather reports, and commercial broadcast signals encoded with the strangest codes. Theremino_UpConverter


Oscilloscope and digital audio analyzer
A measuring instrument and testing for audio equipment. Includes a signal generator, a Spectrum Analyzer and an oscilloscope.

Theremino SignalScopeSlot signals oscilloscope
This scope is a cross between a logger and a signal Analyzer. Its frequency range is limited to the signals traveling through the slots, but it can store and analyze in depth typical signals of automation.

Web based FIR-Filter designer

Filter the signal with FIR algorithms
You can filter the incoming data from the sensors and signals that travel from one application to another. You can experiment and teaching demonstrations on FIR filters. Experiments on real data immunizes the disease “precise-mania” (too much mathematical theory and little practice that lead inevitably to overestimate certain aspects and neglecting other).


Professional sound level meter
This sound level meter consists of two applications: AudioMeter and AudioElaboration that respect the ISO directives 226:1994 and ISO 226:2007. The system has been certified by Accredia and in some areas it provides even better performance than the most expensive sound level meters on the market, especially as regards the connectivity with the PC and the possibility of logging data on the Internet.

Theremino Water QualityMeasuring the fixed residue of water
This application measures TDS which corresponds to the degree of mineralization of the water.

Measure voltage, current and power
This application focuses the best techniques for measuring the consumption of equipment connected to the mains and the power generated by the solar panels. The simple measurement circuits that we propose, They are adaptable to different full-scale, from a few volts to thousands of volts, and from a few amperes to thousands of amperes.

AntSym - old 2002 versionAntenna booster
This application displays the gain of an antenna with a three-dimensional figure that can be rotated and viewed from any direction. You can also optimize complex antennas like Yagi with many elements and choose what parameters are considered the most important.

ThereminoWiFi1WiFi Network Analyzer
Application very useful to locate the WiFi channel more free from disturbances. View channels and the data of all the neighboring networks and the strength of signals over time. It also serves to adjust the antenna in the best location.

LED calculator
A “Jolly” for measurements on LEDs. Facilitates conversions between units and helps design lighting systems and led array.

Flicker MeterFlow meter “Flicker”
To measure commercial appliances are expensive lamps flicker. But we can build one easily, spending ten euros or even less.

Litium Battery - PanasonicBattery capacity meter
This device measures the capacity of batteries of all types, from lithium ones, to which Alkaline, lead and nickel cadmium. You get maximum precision and a convenient LOG file. BatteryMeter

UV Spectrometer, VIS, IR

A tool that can be built with a few euros (and a lot of patience). This application is perfect for teaching and for small laboratories. The precision and resolution were almost single nano-meter.

Tester for olive oil
Running the test on a small collection of oils of different quality, you learn to recognize the extra virgin olive oil. A good oil has fluorescence, characteristic color and transparency.

Theremino DNA Meter

Fluorometer for concentration of DNA
Some molecules acquire fluorescence dyes, When you bind to nucleic acid molecules. By measuring the fluorescence intensity can be traced to the concentration of nucleic acids present in the sample.

Doppler Radar – Speed instrument
This application measures speed of moving objects (people, drones, model aircraft, cars) microwave or Ultrasonic sensors.

Theremino DataLoggerTheremino Logger
Build professional data logger you can now. How hardware just a Master. Spending anything more you can use a Adc24 and make high precision measurements. Theremino_Logger

Theremino SeriHAL V 1.2Theremino SeriHAL
Theremino_SeriHal send to slots data from a serial port. Theremino_SeriHAL

Theremino Terminal 2.0

Theremino Terminal
Serial terminal, that doesn't require installation and is simple to use. This application is like a Swiss army knife for this writer firmware.

Com By TCP
Theremino ComByTCP
Connects serial ports (COM) between two PCs far apart.

Theremino precision BalanceTheremino Balance
This application makes the basic operation of a precision balance (Tara and calibration). Through an effective damping function measurements are very stable. Theremino_Balance

Wave wavegenerator types

Wave Generator
This generator sends the output signal to a Slot, and not to the sound card as similar generators usually do. Fundamental waveforms are available and you can set the frequency and the output Slot.

WaveAnalyzer Theremino

Wave Analyzer
This application runs the ’ spectrum analysis of periodic signals from a Slot and writes on a number of other slots to values measured at different frequencies and the calculated distortion rate. You use to analyze slow periodic signals, by the continuous (zero Hertz) up to a few tens of Hertz. Theremino_WaveAnalyzer

Theremino AdcTester - Noise TestTheremino AdcTester
With the AdcTester you can control the gain, background noise and intermodulation between channels, both the Adc to 8 and 16 bit, and those in 24 bit.
The experts of the system Theremino can use it to make measurements on signals from various sensors.

Theremino BalanceReader
for scales and other commercial appliances
This application is specific to the scales "HS-N". But it's also a great example, usable as a base, to connect other measuring instruments, the system Theremino. For example,, other models of scales, gauges, electronic dial indicators or any other device, connected to the serial port (RS232 or RS485).

PCBs with Eagle Eagle3D
Our libraries solve many problems of Eagle and Eagle 3D (at least for components normally used in your system Theremino)

Simulations with LTSpice
Our libraries complete the fantastic LTSpice with thousands of components divided into folders and alphabetically. This includes all commonly used diodes and transistors and electrical schematic symbols also have improved.
Theremino Libraries for LTSpice

Physics lab

A fantastic "open lab", where share technologies, materials, documentation and experiences, created by a group of "makers" passionate about science.
Physics Open Lab


Learning to program
Theremino is primarily a teaching system, Electronics design. But you also learn to program your PC with the most important languages (Basic, CSharp, Python and CPP). Download pages are available over 50 Open Source applications, with examples and solutions for all. From video, the music sounds, scientific instruments.
ApplicationsHardwareTechnical notes

An application to start
Some users would like to learn how to use Visual Studio, and they asked for a starting point. This application is very simple, but already allows access to slots, and with the slots you can do everything. Theremino_EmptyApp

Windows 10 - Helper

An aid to taming Windows

This application is a collection of useful links that are commonly used and that are hard to find in other ways.


Theremino Translator
Translating software
This app is unique, you won't find anything like it anywhere in the WEB.


Theremino OCR

Extract text from images
Very useful application to live with Chinese objects and software.


Theremino Updater
Upgrade to new versions
Application to update all your thereminic projects in a short time with the files of the new versions.


DirectX 3D environments
Theremino3D is an educational application sample. A basis to deal with 3D, gravity and physics of solids. A collection of 3D techniques, simplified to the point of being almost usable. The best algorithms available to "do it yourself". Theremino3D

Custom controls for DotNet
The graphical controls "CustomControls" improve the common Windows controls. I'm available most forgotten by Microsoft and other properties studied by us, to make the controls more comfortable to use. CustomControlsSdrControls

Visual Studio Express
Recommendations for use of the fantastic Visual Studio environment, Microsoft offers free for education.
VisualStudioExpressTips for developers

DPM serial Protocol
The transmission protocol for single strand, designed by us, that allows auto-numbering and auto-recognition of types. Theremino the system is configurable, Thanks to this Protocol. DPM Serial Protocol

System Metrics V1.0System Metrics
Application showing various properties of the operating system.

The programmers will find useful this application is for the values ​​it provides, both because it shows how to read this information.


Theremino MathHelper
This application, based on the powerful symbolic engine “Tungsten Alpha”, process math formulas, isolate variables and find solutions for complex formulas that are difficult to handle manually.

Mathematicians could also do without this application, But programmers will find it useful.
MathHelper MathTester CurveFitting

Alien systems

Cross-platform applications
The most important applications of the system Theremino work on Windows-XP, Windows-Vista, Windows-7, Windows-7-Starter and Windows-8, both 32 bit and 64 bits and also on Raspberry Pi, Linux, Android and Mac OSX. Requisiti_per softwareConsigli_sul BlogStandaloneApplications

Connection with MaxMSP

With MaxMsp is easy log on Theremino, that provides the system of InOut configurable for read sensors and control every output type. Also other environments, as Processing and PureData, they could use the system Theremino Similarly. MaxMSP

UDP communication with OSC
OSC Protocol over UDP allows a flexible communication, both on the local network or through the Internet. With ThereminoOSC, Max/MSP, Processing and PureData you can connect seemingly incompatible hardware and operating systems. Without writing a single line of code. Theremino_OSC

Download and Upload via FTP
This application is an example of teaching but it is also very convenient to send and receive files in FTP. We use continually in the management of this website.


Tools for programming
A mass of knowledge in bulk. All you cannot find a better location, ends here.

Open Source Electronics
Projects and schemes, strictly Open Hardware and Open Source.
Dust_SpectrometryVintage_Synths CV/Gate

Theremino Helper
Small application that performs additional functions: Turning off your computer with the middle mouse button – Closing applications – CPU consumption – X/Y coordinates of the mouse towards the slots – Import data from bar-code readers and sending data to the slot. Theremino_Helper

Theremino WatchDogTheremino WatchDog
This application disables mouse and keyboard when the computer is idle for some time. Very useful for those who must defend against mischievous beings of various kinds.

On the net you can find other similar applications, but none is specifically designed for defence from cats, Dogs & Birds. Theremino_WatchDog

Theremino KeyManager
This application allows you to use the capacitive buttons like normal keyboard standard. You can configure up to 255 keys. Work also special keys, mouse buttons, repetition and auto-repeat. Theremino_KeyManagerVideo1Video2

Theremino GamePad
The GamePad could not fail! You can connect several GamePad, Joysticks and remote controls in any combination and number. This application is also a good example of programming (simple and efficient reading with Direct Input). Theremino_GamePad

Theremino GamePad Tester
Not all GamePad work well, Some have a dead zone exaggerated. So far to try them existed only on JoyTester2, a Russian software, that many sites consider dangerous. Our apps instead you can trust. They are all “Open” and anyone can check what's in them. Theremino_GamePad_Tester

Theremino DeviceManager
This is another programming example. Shows how to control system devices and may be useful to disable and enable fast. We use it to rehabilitate the network controller, When this site produces errors that block. Theremino_DeviceManager

PCB with adhesive copper tape
The copper tape adhesive you buy on eBay, cheap and great for shielding. You can make small printed circuit boards with scissors and, with much patience, even some-more. PCB with copper adhesive

Coronavirus image

Graphs and charts on the Covid19
This application explores in depth the data provided by the John Hopkins university and the Italian Civil Protection.

The data are updated every 24 hours and i comparative graphs show the differences between the various nations of the world and Italian regions. Covid19_Application

Recommendations for software and operating systems
Sistemi_di development
Tips for developers
Visual Studio

Measure the popularity index of sites
Alexa button (not a toolbar, but a convenient button), allows you to keep an eye on, the popularity of the sites, they visit. A great help during navigation (to avoid dangerous sites and Phishing). And also a contribution, Alexa statistics (free for all). Alexa Popularity Index

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