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  1. Livio says:

    In the past few months we have released these new versions:

    Covid19 Version 2.2

    Added a note on the power supply of the UpConverter:

    Published Theremino_Geiger Version 6.7

    Theremino_Spectrometer Versione 3.0

    Theremino_MathHelper Version 3.6

    Theremino3D updated to the version 1.6 which now no longer prevents Windows from shutting down

    Theremino_Gamepad Version 1.4 – Now also with Force Feedbak (vibration)

    ImgToGcode V 2.0

    New ImgGreyscaleToGcode V application released 2.0

    MicroVideo 1.6 which makes the Zoom controlled by a Slot

    CustomControls V1.7 con ALT, SHIFT and CTRL that modify the variations on the TextBoxes

    Archive published “Theremino Know-How 2020”

    Published the Adapter-Voltage

  2. Livio says:

    We have published an important section on batteries.

    And we also discovered a method to improve ultrasonic distance sensors.
    Now they can also be used for applications that require good stability.

  3. Livio says:

    We have published the latest version of the ion chamber.

    This version is considerably better than the previous ones, more stable, more precise and also easier to build.

  4. Livio says:

    We have published the version 3.8 of the SlotViewer:

    We have published the version 3.4 del Logger:

    We have published the Covid19 application – Version 2.5

    We have published the SignalScope application – Version 2.6

    We have published the Terminal application – Version 2.1

    We have published the WaveGenerator application – Version 2.1

    We have published the MathHelper application – Version 3.7

    We have published the Theremino_WinHelper application – Version 1.0

    We have published the Theremino_Spectrometer application – Version 3.1

    June 2021
    We have updated:
    – The AudioAnalyzer V1.2 application (BaseFreq fino a 10 KHz)
    – The Theremino_3D V1.7 application (Faster startup and shutdown)
    – The WinHelper V1.1 application (New button “Power options”)
    – The Weather V0.8 application (Wind speed in knots and UV index)
    – The Applications page (updated with many links that were missing)

    Here are the links:

    We have published a chapter explaining how to do HRV analyzes (Heart Rate Variability)

    October 2021
    We have improved the SlotViewer

    We have added a note regarding the PWM frequency
    you can find it at the end of the chapter, just before downloading the firmware.

    There is a new page

  5. Livio says:

    We are preparing an interesting metal detector

    We have finally published the Sound Level Meter, go and see it!

    There are two new applications for creating and for decoding
    all kinds of QRcode (square labels) and BarCode (barcodes)

  6. Livio says:

    This is the news page and it is good not to fill it with specific topics.
    So all the messages with Cosimo Miccoli have been moved here:

  7. Livio says:

    Download it from this page:

  8. Livio says:

    We have published the version 7.2 in Automation

    This release contains several improvements, including:
    – The ability to simulate pressing mouse buttons
    – The detection of colors from the screen
    – Speech synthesis.

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