Where to get documentation

The system documentation is distributed in the pages of this website. Publications (in PDF format), are included in individual project downloads. In this way the documentation is always aligned with new versions of the software.

Many of documentation files, OpenOffice format, in three languages (English, Japanese and Italian) are available for free download, from various pages on this site, You can fix them, upgrade them and create new ones. If anything is missing, ask in the blog.

To find documentation and information on specific topics we recommend using the “Search”, available on every page of the site (at the top left)


Here are the top lessons of’ Theremino Handbook explaining how to do the first connections and that in the future will continue until more complex operations such as write handling in Theremino_Script and in other languages such as C++, C #, VBNET, Python.

Theremino_Handbook_Lessons_1 -2
In these first two lessons demonstrates the form “Master” the program “HAL” and we learn how to verify that everything is working by switching on a LED and moving a servo motor.

Get the system modules

The theremino team only deals with research and does not sell hardware. The system is completely "Freeware", "Open Source", "Not for Profit" and "DIY", but there are manufacturers who can provide modules assembled and tested at a great price. One could hardly self-build them spending less. A list of manufacturers on this page:


The source code of our software does not contain copyright notices, author names and links to our site, so you can make every use, without limitation of any kind. We do not require you to specify the original source or our site but if you are happy with our software remember us and make known this site to your friends. Any donations, even small, are very welcome and can help us to maintain the software “free” and to produce always new applications.

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