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  1. Livio says:

    We have made some minor corrections to the Covid19 application again.
    Download 1.4 from here:

  2. Livio says:

    We have released the Spectrometer version 2.9 with the correct Chinese flag and language:

  3. Livio says:

    We published the Application Automation – Version 6.4 – with big improvements:

    The main improvements are:
    - Buttons can also be used as labels (see page 12 dell’HELP)
    - The TextBox no longer covers the program code (see page 16 dell’HELP)
    - There are new instructions for decoding and formatting XLM files (see page 52 dell’HELP)
    - The "Open" and "Save As" dialogs open with the file highlighted in light gray.

    We have also improved stability and increased ease of use, download this version!

  4. Livio says:

    We have updated the Covid19 application to the version 1.5

  5. Livio says:

    We have updated the Covid19 application to the version 1.6

  6. Livio says:

    We finally published the Theremino MathHelper application

    This application, based on the powerful symbolic engine "Wolfram Alpha", process math formulas, isolate variables and find solutions for complex formulas that are difficult to handle manually.

    Mathematicians could also do without this application, but some programmers will find it very useful.

    And to test the formulas there is also the MathTester application

  7. Livio says:

    We have updated the Covid19 application to the version 1.7

  8. Livio says:

    We have updated the Covid19 application to the version 1.8

    If you receive an error regarding the “Quatar” download this version that corrects it.

  9. Livio says:

    We have updated the Covid19 application to the version 1.9

  10. Livio says:

    We have published the Automation - Version application 6.5

    - Immediate Load and Save with the right button.
    - Orange Load and Save indicate modified program.
    - After the Load, the position of the window and the selected text are restored.
    - After the Load, In case of errors or warnings, a message is presented in the bottom row.
    - After the Load, In case of errors or warnings the program is positioned at the first error.
    - The Debug Form is always on top.

  11. Livio says:

    We have published the SlotsOverNet application - Version 2.1

    – Now SlotsOverNet also works through the Internet.
    – Read the instruction file on page nine and following.

  12. Livio says:

    We have updated the Covid19 application to the version 2.0

  13. Livio says:

    We have updated the Covid19 application to the version 2.1

    The comparative graphs of the Italian regions no longer worked because civil protection has changed the format of the data.
    Now the graphs automatically adjust to the new formats.

  14. Antonio Zanardo says:

    Dear Livius,
    I have bought in the past several Theremino GA to build special tools that use Geiger tubes. All the hardware and software needed to store data in Arduino uno with RTC and SD card I have built and written them myself, and everything works satisfactorily.
    Lately I bought a Master Dil-V5 without even understanding how I could use it. You will say that I am a fool, but I'm curious to know if I can benefit from it for my instruments, or for their control. Could you suggest me a basic reading on why and how this interface is used? thank you and goodbye
    Antonio Zanardo

  15. Antonio Zanardo says:

    Hello Livio,
    I'm using the MasterDil-V5 and the two software Theremino Hal and Theremino Geiger to plot the graphs of the signals produced by a geiger-like instrument.
    The Theremino Geiger presents on the top of the screen, on the right side and on the left side two dates. The one on the right is correct and corresponds to the computer time, while the date on the left is different and I don't understand what it refers to. Please explain it to me?

    In addition, if the graph shows some interesting point, you cannot know the moment when this happened, as the abscissa axis does not show time.
    It can be remedied, and if so how?

    Thank you
    Antonio Zanardo

    • Livio says:

      The left date is the beginning of the visible graph.

      Theremino Geiger is almost ten years old (2011) and should be completely rewritten, but unfortunately now we have to follow other more urgent applications and we don't have time.

      The Geiger application is already on the to-do list but I don't know when we will start editing it. It could take months or even years.

  16. Livio says:

    From now, on all pages of this site (in the central part at the top) there is a convenient connection to the THEREMINO-FORUM.

    We have positioned the forum on the Elettroamici site to allow an exchange of information between different systems (Arduino, PIC, Theremino, General electronics. etc…).

    Use the forum in place of the posts of this blog, makes discussions easier. In the forum you can share pictures and even write messages with better tools, add wiring diagrams, color the text, etc..

  17. GIANNI CARRARO says:

    Hello Livio ….how do i register on the forum to ask questions ?

    Thank you

    Another question related to resin printers: i use chitubox for my photon, but in chitubox there is a configuration for a standard printer that works with g codes.
    I would like to build one with a bigger screen but I don't have the skills to understand if the pieces I would like to use are compatible.
    you want me to make you a list of the things I would like to use ? Thank you

    • Livio says:

      Per iscriverti credo che dovresti premereLogine poi seguire le istruzioni.
      Ma ti farò rispondere meglio da Amilcare, the site administrator.

      Mi spiace ma non conosco le stampanti per la resina per cui non ho consigli da darti. Noi abbiamo una nostra versione per controllare frese e stampanti resina, with the Theremino_CNC application. Ma dovresti costruire tutto da zero e conoscere perfettamente quello che stai facendo. E ci vuole anche molta esperienza nella elettronica, nella programmazione e nel sistema Theremino. Per cui non te la consiglio.

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