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  1. Roberto says:

    Good morning, use the master module for controlling step motors. You can call the write slot function with two more silvers making it possible to also change the speed and the acceleration? In this way it would be possible to obtain successive movements by program with different speeds and accelerations.

    • Livio says:

      The speed and acceleration are set sull'HAL are the maximum speed and acceleration. The firmware that is in the Master module uses them as a safety limit and guarantees to never exceed the limits beyond which the motor could lose steps. These two limitations are trying identified for the maximum possible attempts of engines and once set do not have to change them more.

      The software that drives the engine can also run engine at any speed, also pianissimo.

      To move at low speed the software continuously sends new destinations and each destination has shifted slightly over the previous. Usually they send destinations at least ten times per second and is calculated each time the new destination, so as to proceed to the desired engine speed.

      In other words it is like pulling a dog leash. If you make big steps and therefore the destinations are distant from each other, the engine will run after fast. If they are all close, or even all at the same point, then the motor will follow the plan or stops right.

      In this way you can move the motor at any speed and acceleration, gradually variables, without changing the security parameters. And so with the certainty that, whatever you do, the engine never lose footsteps.

      Anyway, even if he wanted, not MaxSpeed ​​may vary the parameters and MaxAcc fluidly. To change those values ​​every time the firmware must stop the engine and restart it. So the engine should be in tears.

  2. Eck says:

    Theremino MCA Qestion For Livio:
    I just have bought a Gamma Spectacular spectrometer GS-USB PRO (theremino adapter) with a second hand low energy probe.
    The setup works ok with the PRA software but not with the Theremino MCA 7.3. It displays the message “no audio signal’ or at best ‘too low a signal’ and turning up the volume on the spectrometer (built in codec) does not help. However, if I switch on “listen to the device’ with the crackling audio signal sound on in the MCA 7.3, all of a sudden – intermittently for longer periods – the message is “signal ok’.

    How can I fix this? I would rather like to use the Theremino MCA with its nice features and interface. Thank you
    Kind regards

    • Livio says:

      It looks like you can’t select the right audio input.

      Have you tried to select, one by one, all the inputs that appear in the bottom box of the “Audio input” panel?

  3. Eck says:

    Thank you Livio, that helped. Now I recorded a first spectrum of Am 241 but it ldoes not look like anything close to the real thing. No filters or equalizers are applied. The main peak is at 29.2 KeV with two smaller peaks at 20.1 and 36.5 KeV. How can I calibrate the MCA display to show a correct picture? The equalizers seem only allow for a 10 KeV correction?
    As I plan to do XRF experiments a correct reading is essential. I ver much would appreciate your help with this. Thank you.

    • Livio says:

      The first rough trimming you don’t have to do with the equalizers, but with:
      – Audio Gain
      – Energy trimmer
      – PMT voltage

  4. Eck says:

    Now I have two peaks and the shape is a little more like it should. If I centre the larger peak onto the 59.6 Am 241 line with the Energy trimmer, the second peak is at 47.7 KeV – out by more than 20 KeV, more than could correct with the equalizer and maybe that distorts other values too?

    • Livio says:

      Probably one of the two peaks is caused by Am 241 at 59.6 Kev. And the other is probably just noise.

      However the strongest (definitely stronger than all the rest) should be 59.6. Just rule him and everything else should be okay.

      You would also need Cesio or Radio to have other references. Without them it is difficult to understand for sure what you are seeing.

      Over time you will understand how to adjust everything, do not be in a hurry, it will take a lot of time and many tests.

  5. Alberto says:

    I do not know if this is the best way but I wanted to note that I used the Theremino also DAA LINUX MINT (19.1) and, through Wine, it works perfectly.

    So Wine has managed to talk the program with the USB sound card driver. The sound card I used is based on the CM6207 Chip, I think it's an older version of the CM6206 discussed by you in the documentation.

    I consider it good news for those looking to use the system “Aliens” and I hope that one day you get to do just turn even the HAL (Mono unfortunately I can not even start it with Wine and everything works right away, HAL is that IotHAL, unless he sees the devices).

  6. Max says:

    Dear Livius,
    vorrei sapere se esiste uno schema per la realizzazione della basetta del rivelatore a coincidenza per muoni, che non sia esclusivamente per “insiders”, nel senso che sia uno schema comprensibile anche per uno come me che si intende un podi meccanica e di fisica ma poco di elettronica.
    Complimenti per il vostro sito e le bellissime realizzazioni.
    Kind regards

    • Livio says:

      Puoi farti aiutare da Lello, lo trovi su eBay comemaxtheremino”,
      oppure puoi scrivergli a

      Lui potrà aiutarti in vari modi, a seconda di quel che ti serve, e anche prepararti un kit con tutti i componenti da montare o anche pre-montati e collaudati da lui.

      Magari scrivigli e poi telefonagli e valutate insieme cosa ti serve.

  7. Max says:

    Thank you, ora lo contatto.

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