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  1. Livio says:

    The application Buttons 2.0 has greatly improved.

  2. Livio says:

    We are spending a lot of time for:
    – Modules connected in WiFi and Internet (similar to the Master's but with less performance).
    – Possibility to use an Arduino in place of a Master (and then also read I2C sensors).
    – Characterization of fluorescent lamps and LEDs (amount of flicker in percentage).
    – Measure your stress (and more) through the variance and other parameters of heart rate.

  3. Livio says:

    A novelty not to be missed!

    Before you won't even know that it exists.
    After you can no longer do without it.

  4. Livio says:

    We have a forum to share experiences, Let's use!!!

    On ElettroAmici there is no advertising nor tolls payable, talking obvious talking hidden.
    Everyone can read all, even without giving anything in return.

    And subscribers can also write articles!

    To write articles don't have to be teachers, write your experiences, for simple they are can always be useful and suggest ideas.

  5. Livio says:

    The design of optical sensor to measure heart rate is finally complete:

  6. Livio says:

    The version 7.5 the HAL (with many improvements) is published:

  7. Livio says:

    There's a new little app:

    Serial terminal, that doesn't require installation and is simple to use. This application is like a Swiss army knife for this writer firmware on micro (even Arduino).

  8. Livio says:

    Great news! We start to publish NetHAL

    Those interested can start reading the first documentation files (for now only in Italian).

    • Mirko trinca says:

      I was already worried about buying the wifi modules that were used and I arrived yesterday. I think tonight I'll find what to do :D

      • Livio says:

        You really want to make them work tonight you should have send provisional firmware and instructions to program it, by Prakash

        Among other things he also PCBs that make working with forms.

        – – – – – –

        If you have patience to wait in a few days it will become much easier.

        The day after the current firmware is already exceeded, You should replace it and relearn the new parameters. And the next day will more or less the same…

        The new firmware will be updateable via WiFi while the current one requires you to connect the USB cable, Download 30 megs of programmer and learn how to use it.

        But the problem is not so much to program the firmware, How to write the network name and password on your Access Point. After months of think we finally found a convenient and clean. At the beginning (and every time it resets) the form makes himself from the Access Point, and so with any Notebook or Tablet connected to its network and you set anything you want. Then, Once you have set the network name and password, he stops by access point (for safety) and it connects to the Access Point of the House.

        If in the future you'll want to reprogram it or change the name of the network you will be able to do so comfortably through the Access Point of the House.

        If we lose communication for some reason (for example, you set a new password and you are wrong to write it), then simply start the module with the initial high and he rebounds the way D0. Make him from Access Point and you can reprogram it using a Notebook or Tablet as if for the first time.

        • Luca says:

          Hi when you think that you will publish the final version of NetHal and where you can find the various components.
          I looked on ebay and theremino store but couldn't find the Net module V1

          Thank you

  9. Livio says:

    Attention: Screen printing of the first batches of Adc24_V2, you buy on eBay and thereminoshop, indicated a height and a vertical distance slightly larger than the real.

    The correct height is 34 mm (not 35) and the vertical spacing is 28 mm (not 30). This has been corrected in the following lots.

    Project Adc24 and the documentation with the correct images you download from here:

  10. Livio says:

    ArduHAL posted!

    There will still be errors in the documentation, but you have to settle for…
    Software and firmware are OK.

  11. Livio says:

    There is a new revision of the ArduHAL help file

    These new files will be updated in the ArduHAL application only with the next release but you can already download directly with these links, or from the area of the ArduHAL documentation:

  12. Livio says:

    The Arduino library has been updated and now you can define the variable to control the build “SerialAsyncFromLoop” running ArduHAL communication independently from the loop of Arduino.

    Unfortunately the maximum frequency decreases by approximately 300 about 150 exchanges per second, but on the other hand becomes independent from what you write in "loop works()”.

    This technique might also be helpful to get some Arduino that otherwise would not work at all.

  13. Livio says:

    The Terminal application has been enhanced with two small fixes:
    – No longer needs DirectX that in some systems not Windows10 may be missing.
    – The box “Send characters” successfully sends the last key pressed even when special characters such as Cancel, Enter, Delete, etc…

  14. Livio says:

    Who wants to get an idea what is the ArduHAL without reading too much, may read this article:

  15. Livio says:

    The application Buttons version 2.1 is published.

    This version contains many small improvements, including the name of the uploaded file visible in the main window and the motor speed sensors management.

  16. Livio says:

    The Arduino library has improved:

    You can now set the asynchronously by calling the function “setAsyncMode” from the file “.INO”.

    In this latest version of library, asynchronous mode causes a slight decrease in the frequency of Exchange (about 25%), but communication with the ArduHAL becomes independent from the loop of Arduino.

    This technique might also be helpful to get some Arduino that otherwise would not work at all.

  17. Livio says:

    Software and firmware WLAN modules are complete:
    – NetHAl.
    – NetModuleProgrammer.
    – SoftAP operation, Station DHCP, Station Static.
    – Programming the parameters via WiFi.
    – Firmware update via WiFi.

  18. Livio says:

    In version 1.3 of NetHAL, in some cases the forms were listed twice, resulting error messages (as you can see in this picture).

    Download 1.4 delete this problem.

  19. Livio says:

    We published the new version of the file "ThereminoSlots".
    This new version also contains the numbers NANs that are used to communicate with HAL through the Slot zero.

  20. Livio says:

    NetHAL documentation is out of date:

    If the documentation files do not have the date of the 24-01-2018 then you may have to clear your browser's cache and download them again.

  21. Livio says:

    We published two new adapters that convert the digital inputs of the Master and NetModule in Adc

  22. Livio says:

    NetHAL and NetModuleProgrammer applications are updated to versions 1.5 and 1.1
    and also all documentation files are improved.

    Unfortunately in some cases the Windows Firewall prevents applications NetHAL and NetModuleProgrammer to connect with modules. We're preparing a fifth documentation files which will be called: “Theremino_NetModule_FirewallProblems”.

  23. Livio says:

    We have published the version 1.4 of ArduHAl and library for Arduino.

    This version is greatly improved:
    – Communication is faster.
    – You can set how “Async” by ArduHAL, without modifying the firmware and recompile it.
    – With the new way “Polling” also work with all types of Arduino with the FT232 chip

  24. Livio says:

    We published the new version (2.0) Dell’ Emotion Meter

    This version has improved tremendously and virtually complete.

  25. Livio says:

    The version 3.0 the DAA has greatly improved, both in the run that in the documentation.

    -Possibility to choose the input and output devices (very useful).
    – Ability to remember all the settings between boot and subsequent.
    – Fourteen different Windows of sampling for spectrum analysis.
    – Increased the maximum frequency in 100 KHz.
    – Increased overall stability.
    – Correct inaccuracies in the calibration.
    – Enhanced some lower status bar messages.

    Now the DAA is really complete, download it from here:

  26. Livio says:

    The Arduino library has improved and instructions for installing it are more complete.

  27. Livio says:

    Today we added an image with the connections between "DustSensor" and the sensor SHARP.

    We have improved the Media Player application:

    We improved the application SlotViewer:

  28. Livio says:

    We released a new and important documentation files in the page of NetHAL:

    This is the file “Theremino_NetModule_FirewallProblems” that can be a big help when NetHAL cannot communicate with NetModule.

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